Malika and Sphere declare war. Gaffes live for the trapper


X Factor 2019, third episode: Malika and Sfera declare war. Gaffes live for the trapper. The digs between the judges of the Under Women and Under Men continue and are accentuated by bet in episode. Sphere speaks of "specious criticism", Malika responds in tone to the provocations during the live on Sky One we're following up also> X Factor 2019, advances and assignments third installment: tomorrow double elimination. Marracash guest
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The digs between Malika Ayane and Sfera Ebbasta increase by bet in bet. During the third live of X Factor 2019 after Lorenzo's performance on the notes of "Baby I Love You" by Ramones, Sfera again criticizes his performance.
He pressed that he has nothing against Lorenzo but that he would like to see him in something younger. Malika punzecchiata replies: "Strange that you say so since this pesso spend at least fifty times a day on the radio." Sfera replies: «oh well but what radio do you listen to, Radio Zeta?», A second of frost in the studio, what a blunder! (Radio Zeta is part of the RTL group 102.5 official radio of X Factor 2019 ed.), Answers Malika: «and you? what radio do you listen to, only those that pass your pieces? ». It is evident that the two judges threw away the mask and declared themselves open war and no holds barred.
Someone behind the scenes must have screamed Sfera, who shortly after Eugenio's release is keen to greet RTL and Radio Zeta.

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