Malfitano: "Naples: something pitiful and shameful happened! Ancelotti had to threaten his resignation"


Mimmo Malfitano, journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport, released some statements during the Fuorigioco program on Televomero.

The journalist of Gazzetta dello Sport, Mimmo Malfitano. he spoke thus to Televomero: "Naples, all that happened was pitiful and shameful. The" respect "banner shown by the fans is for everyone. The Napoli players did not respect the club or even the fans. The players played down the figure of Carlo Ancelotti. I want to ask Insigne, Koulibaly, Mertens and Allan what they have won. Who are you? Lorenzo Insigne, what have you done so far for Naples? You have created all this, the president created it.

Mimmo Malfitano then added: "The withdrawal was punitive, needless to say the opposite. Ancelotti's position weakened further. The coach, on Tuesday night, should have threatened to resign to the players, tell them: 'if you don't get on the bus, I'll go away'. he went to Castel Volturno because Aurelio De Laurentiis, otherwise, could have exempted him. What happened is something really absurd ".

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