Malfitano: "Mertens, the entourage has asked Naples to buy back the card: the figure!"


The journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Mimmo Malfitano, released some statements during Fuorigioco, a program broadcast on Televomero.

Mimmo Malfitano, journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport and commentator, spoke during the broadcast offside, program broadcast on Televomero. These are his words: "TO Mertens a three-year term was proposed for the same current figures: four million a year. In practice it would be 12 million, roughly 24 million are gross. Do you know what Mertens's entourage answered? Yes, that's fine, but you have to give us others five millions to buy back the card ".

Mimmo Malfitano then added: "This is absurd. How can you expect five million to buy back a player's card with the contract expiring? This offer is not born today, but from the withdrawal". Enrico Fedele, a former Parma executive, commented on Malfitano's words: "In my opinion, Napoli was wrong, because certain questions should have been resolved much earlier. Things have been dragging on for too long."

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