Maksimovic's look at the end of the game is worth a thousand comments. Koulibaly's reaction says it all!


Another bitter evening for the Napoli fans in the presence of a team without a soul and above all without play, without ideas and character.

It had to be the game of the possible turning point. People, the people of the fans wanted a strong, clear, clear response from the team. Above all he asked for a victory at Naples. That hasn't arrived. It is also a matter of centimeters and, if you like, of bad luck, as when the opposing goalkeeper saved his playing with millimeters. Which in some cases are infinite. Obviously for the Neapolitans who just can't find their way home. Too many mistakes, team with no head or tail, inaccuracies, lack of ideas and connections between departments. And a penalty is also missing. Or maybe one and a half. But what does it matter? They all wallow in similar situations. Imagine if someone is interested in sticking to a penalty.

At the end of the match, 0-0 ended, the look of Maksimovic he perfectly photographed the situation: a mocking smile, typical of when you don't know whether to cry or laugh out of embarrassment, and eyes fixed on one of the team's leaders, Kalidou Koulibaly, from which to wait for a sign to do something. Everything. But the Senegalese central, like his partner, has found nothing better to do than to accept the whistles of the fans who came down with the rain. The team did well to position itself at the center of the field to take the right amount of dissent. But now it is time for choices, the company or those in charge to give immediate answers because at the moment there is only one certainty: to go on like this you can't!

Luca Cirillo

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