M5s, the Carbonari download Luigi Di Maio: "Arm in arm with a rotten system", leaves the party


The fall of the Five Stars is continuous, incessant, dramatic for Luigi Di But I. The political leader, now, has to deal with a new exit from the scene: it is that of Maria Grazia Carbonari, regional councilor in Umbria in the last legislature and leaders M5s at the last election, disastrous for the grillini. After not being re-elected due to the ridiculous percentages collected by the M5s in the regional elections, she decided to download the pentastellars: "The election result shows that this alliance, I can't call it otherwise, shouldn't have been done," Carbonari said. I felt good, it would have been better if I had taken a step back, but I didn't want to provoke a turmoil that would have damaged my political strength, in which I always believed ". But today, he continues, "I choose to close with the M5s that gave me so much, but which increasingly seems to me to have decided to go hand in hand with this rotten system". The curtain falls, with very strong words.

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