M5s, in Emilia protests against Bugani who does not want to present the symbol to the Regionals. Toninelli: "It would mean giving up the field"


There are not only the Ilva case and the difficulties in keeping the group in Parliament to shake the 5-star political leader Luigi Di Maio. Among the dossiers on the table that the leader must resolve as soon as possible, there is also that of the regional elections in Emilia Romagna is Calabria. Immediately after the defeat in Umbria, just the Foreign Minister saw the local representatives: together they decided not to replicate the alliance with the Democratic Party, but to present themselves in both Regions. A contested choice, at least in Emilia, by one of the Movement's historical referents in the area: Max Bugani. The head of staff of Virginia Raggi, still a municipal councilor in Bologna and a member of theRousseau association, for days he has asked the M5s to renounce running for the Region: "Many mistakes have been made, so many people have been lost. A cycle has ended ", he said last night interviewed by Piazza Pulita on La7. And although convinced that for the Movement "it is not the time to disappear", he added: "To the Regionals? For me it's better not to show up, it is a matter of seriousness. Sometimes starting over from scratch is a great sign, in life as in politics ". Precisely evoking the word "seriousness" has sparked protests by activists and spokesmen in the Region. From the historical exponents of Emilia (now in the staff in Parliament) as Nik the Black is Matteo Incerti, to local councilors and spokesmen. The former Transport Minister also arrived in support of the activists Danilo Toninelli: "Since we are the M5s, it seems to me that not being a candidate is the exact opposite of that" never give up "that has always inspired us".

Spokesmen and activists in Emilia protest. Nik the Black: "Seriousness means respecting the work on the territory"
To make a lot of noise was the position taken by Nik the Black (known pseudonym of Nicola Virzì), always very close to Bugani. "Last night," he wrote on his Facebook page, "I saw (they shot me) a service on Piazza Pulita where someone claims that in Emilia Romagna the 5-star Movement should not show up in the next regional elections for a 'Seriousness issue'. Seriousness??? Seriousness it is to respect the work done in these years by our regional councilors, seriousness is respecting activists and all those voters who believe in the Movement. Eliminating the symbol from the ballot in the next elections eliminates the right to choose, it takes away from me the possibility of voting in my region for my Movement … I don't accept that !!! ". The words of the historic Bolognese activist, from two legislatures in the Senate M5s staff, have been welcomed by the support of other historical figures on the territory such as the former city councilor Matteo Olivieri and also by the parliamentarian Manuela Corda. To support the position of Nik the Black also Matteo Incerti, one of the founders of the Movement and since 2013 in the M5s communication staff in Parliament: “I share. First of all respect for all activists, the voters and the serious work done by our four excellent regional councilors in these years ". just Nik the Black in recent days, without directly attacking Bugani or those pushing for renouncing the electoral race, he had always written on Facebook: "Those who are afraid of facing battles will never win the war".

Only two days ago, in fact, the first work tables in view of the Regionals 2020 started in the Emilian territory and also on that occasion the various local representatives reiterated their desire to present themselves at all costs. "From the activists and councilors of the province of Reggio Emilia", reads the Facebook page of the local M5s, "a strong and clear message: the 5-star Movement for the next Regionals must run and run alone". A line re-launched unanimously by spokesmen in the Region Andrea Bertani, Silvia Piccini is Giulia Gibertoni. Or the municipal councilor of Bibbiano Natiascia Cerosismo. The Facebook pages of local spokespeople in Emilia Romagna have been full for days of posting to launch the run for the Regionals, despite polls that give them around 7 percent. Even to them, if Luigi Di Maio will decide to give up the race, the M5s leaders will have to give explanations.

Who agrees with Bugani is the mayor of Parma, among the historians expelled by the Movement, Federico Pizzarotti: "Even compared to the bad impression they made at Imola, not presenting the M5s symbol to the Regionals could be their best choice," he told Ansa. "In Emilia-Romagna it is working in terms of coalition, there is a complex issue with respect to the presence of the M5s. No one has yet dissolved the reservations. However, the coalition is already working, we want to talk about ecology, the values ​​of rights and sustainable development ".

The intervention of Danilo Toninelli in support of the Emilians: "It would mean giving up the field". "Error put the tactic before the heart"
The former Minister of Transport was also exposed Danilo Toninelli: "As you know," he wrote on Facebook, "in a few weeks we will vote in Emilia and Calabria. The result of what was improperly termed "Umbria experiment"With the civic agreement, but in reality it was an alliance with the PD on a civic name, has led some of the M5s to reason not to even apply. Although in those territories there are so many good people that under that dream called M5s have put commitment and dedication. Despite extraordinary results already achieved: for example, the rescue and re-launch of the port of Gioia Tauro, the true economic lung of the whole of Calabria ". Then he described what he believes are the reasons that would have pushed him backwards: "But what would be the reasons for this withdrawal from the field, without even playing the game? The consent, precisely, or rather its loss. The ephemeral feeling of closeness to a party that citizens sometimes have after filtering the system media ". But according to Toninelli it is the wrong strategy: "The M5s is a political project made up of citizens who have decided to raise their heads and change things in first person and through collective intelligence". "Well," he continued, "since we are the M5s, it seems to me that I am not a candidate the exact opposite of that "never give up" that has always inspired us. A choice that seems to want serve only to not blame anyone in particular, Luigi in primis, for the umpteenth defeat. But nobody should feel the only or the main culprit. For the simple fact that in the M5s the self-centered ego is opposed by the shared ego. So all responsible, but never give up ”. And again: "Not applying would mean leaving a void of hope". "Many mistakes have been made, and others we will do again, but what must be corrected immediately is the worst of these mistakes, that is, to have put the tactic before the heart. And the results are there for all to see ”. And he closed: "Forward head-on and with strength, hopefully without other" experiments ". Because conscious consent, which is the only one that matters, is conquered with facts, not with words filtered by the system to elevate falsehoods to absolute truths ".


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