M5S and Pd threaten the tear, Conte forced to keep the Ilva decree on ice


One of the collaborators of the head of the government spreads his arms: "Nothing came on the table, the phones remained silent". Giuseppe Conte personally puts his face, goes to Taranto to meet workers, unions and citizens, but politically he has no solution. The 48 hours he had given to Mittal to reconsider and present an alternative plan, to start a negotiation, have expired. Nothing has happened. The truth is that the government fights a match in which the opponent is armed to the teeth with his bare hands.

Conte does not want to drag Mittal into a legal dispute, whose temporal boundaries are an absolute unknown and whose effects could have serious repercussions on workers and on related industries. The alternative is to deal with management. On the penal shield. And on the 5,000 redundancies, number indicated by the property so that their industrial plan is sustainable. This is the road on which the Democratic Party is pushing, on which the 5-star Movement pulls the handbrake firmly. But even on this, at the moment, Palazzo Chigi takes time. "Because immunity was flatly refused as a prerequisite for opening negotiations," sources at Palazzo Chigi explain. And why open a negotiation on further layoffs, with the consequent activation of the layoffs notwithstanding, as well as costly it would be a failure and trigger the revolt of the Tarantini. But also because Conte finds himself in a funnel. The Nazarene is under strong pressure, starting from the night of the dramatic Council of Ministers, for an ad hoc decree that restores the penal shield. Mossa that the prime minister is not even disliked. But on which niche is following the disastrous conversation with Mittal father and son, and because he is well aware that the Movement, to date, would not hold a move of this type in the Senate numbers.

"We must force the company to remain at the table," said Nicola Zingaretti. He then added: "The majority must support the most useful actions to ensure that the company can continue to manage the site". Reintroduce immunity to put the Indian francs on their backs, and to clear the alibi camp.
Right now the Dems are meditating to get to the break. If the resistance to an ad hoc decree does not come to an end, an amendment to the fiscal decree with the same objective will be presented by Monday at 9.30 am, when the deadline is fixed. Of course, the text should first pass an admissibility judgment, and no one escapes that it would be given by the chair of the Finance commission, occupied by the grill Carla Ruocco. But it could be explosive. "If they really think they can vote for it, they won't count on us," explains one of the men closest to Di Maio. What if they still proceed? "If they forced the hand and passed with an alternative majority, well … the government crisis would open."

It is in this swamp that Conte moves, with the Dems so far crushed by the 5-star line that they do not understand the reasons why they must continue to stay in government at these conditions and the 5-star summits that no longer control the groups and that, even in the face to a sensational national emergency, they are forced into logical-argumentative balancing acts so as not to crush themselves plastically in front of the country. And Conte II, the procrastinator, goes to Taranto, goes to Ilva, puts his face but does not find solutions, kicks the can just that far, knowing that any false step could lead to the sudden end of his and the Giallorossi's government.

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