Lula free. Brazil's former leader thanks D’Alema


The former leader of Brazil had been serving a sentence of 8 years and 10 months for corruption since April 2018. D’Alema: «All Italian democrats will continue to be at the side of Lula and the Brazilian people» | TV Courier

The visit to the prison of Curitiba during the detention of Lula considered "unjust because the rights of the accused were not guaranteed", the support to Fernando Haddad, presented to the elections in Brazil as the "candidate of Lula", his representative, his in addition to the unconditional support for the "best president Brazil has ever had", these are some of the most significant gestures made by Massimo D'Alema towards the former president of Brazil, Lula. And after his release, the former Italian prime minister immediately expressed his solidarity. "Lula is finally free. After a long battle of Brazilian democrats supported by international solidarity, the Brazilian Supreme Court found the detention of a man not yet definitively convicted to be illegitimate. This illegitimate detention excluded Lula from the political struggle and from a presidential dispute that he probably would have won. The battle now remains open on the legal level so that the sentence with which he was sentenced without any evidence and at the end of a show trial that aroused the indignation of jurists all over the world is canceled. This is what Massimo D’Alema has said following the release of Lula who sent to the former Italian premier a video (Published by the Corriere) of thanks for the support, solidarity and commitment made in these years. "As proof of the bias and persecution of Lula, there is the fact that the judge who convicted him later became a minister of the Brazilian right. Now Brazil is back on the path of democracy and the rule of law and the Brazilian people once again have its most prestigious leader in action, the man who fought poverty and inequality and who made his country take an extraordinary step forward ”, continues D'Alema. "I am convinced that the left and all Italian democrats will continue to be at the side of Lula and the Brazilian people," concludes the former prime minister.

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