Luigi Di Maio soon abandoned: in twenty ready to pass with the League of Matteo Salvini


The account that runs in the Transatlantic is twenty. Twenty deputies of the M5S they would be ready to make an autonomous group to support a center-right government, should the last red stronghold, the Emilia Romagna, fall on January 26th. Because everyone takes it for granted that if the last red region falls, as in a bowling game, all the other pins will fall. That is the Conte government. Of this, by now, we speak obsessively in the corridor in front of the Chamber: what will happen after January 26th. If the Emilia falls, it is the transversally diffused thesis, goodbye Count 2. But the elections, no. Though many invoke them, few believe they will be there.

"By now we have become accustomed to the three governments by term", reflected a disenchanted deputy dem: "Prodi, D 'Alema, Amato; Letta, Renzi, Gentiloni ». According to this thesis, a Count Franceschini (or whoever) could happen to Conte 2. But it is a design that, although caressed by many, presents many difficulties. The president could Sergio Mattarella, to start another government of the defeated, even more defeated than those who in September baptized Count 2? Complicated. From here, the other possibility: a center-right government, which gives the chance to give those who are winning one after the other the elections in the country. And in this way it would also save the reform that cuts the numbers of parliamentarians, which would jump in the event of an early vote.

But, to do so, the current numbers of Lega, Fdi and Forza Italia are not enough. Especially in the Chamber. It would therefore be necessary to pass parliamentarians from the current line to that of the center-right. Hypotheses which are discussed openly in commissions. «In mine, the grillini have already told me they would be ready to pass with the League, if the Count 2 fell », a blue deputy confides. And it's not an exception. The climate we breathe, especially among the pentastellars at the first legislature, is one of disillusioned fatigue. "But did you see Fioramonti?", A deputy ventinated with other colleagues yesterday in the courtyard of Montecitorio. «He says he knew nothing about the rules included in the budget law. Thus we do the figure of the peracottari … ».

The Ilva affair took place, the stop and go on the plastic tax, the constant quarrels with the Democratic Party, the overwhelming role of Matteo Renzi ("He is doing what Salvini was doing before," says the M5S, "and we remain crushed as usual"). An inclined plane that many watch with concern. And weighing the various exit strategies. But since saving the legislature is an imperative, first and foremost, the pentastellated peones are increasing, which wink, reservedly, to colleagues in the League. Soldiers in sleep, but ready to emerge when necessary. Inside Forza Italia, there is already talk of even distribution of ministries.

Moreover, it is a particularly volatile moment in all groups. Renzi continues in a massive way to try peones and not only: the other day Pier Camillo Padoan he said he felt "more in tune" on certain issues with the former premier party. And for some time even the Democratic Party has begun to respond in kind. Yesterday Renata Polverini has been approached by big names of the Democratic Party, as well as Deborah Bergamini. "We must react to Renzi's activism, some passage would not be bad," he argues among the dem. The buying campaign, in short, is buzzing. On one side and on the other. Then, as in Risk, whoever has more tanks at the right time will win.

by Elisa Calessi

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