Luigi Di Maio defends the Plastic tax: "It serves to change course". Officer: Pd and M5s commit suicide


"I see that a was born surreal debate on Plastic tax, so I would like to make things clear ". Luigi Di Maio, on Facebook, strongly defends the "micro-taxes" present in the maneuver and harshly attacked by Matteo Renzi, leader of Italy Viva and (at least on paper) ally of the grillini in the majority. And it is to him that the leader of M5s he seems to turn, polemically: "Here we have heard and seen political parties that for years have told us: we respect the environment, let's love it, let's think about the future. And in the meantime, however, as they filled their mouth with these fine words, they drilled the seas, inaugurated new incinerators, they recalled nuclear power. There Alloy he also did it to the government together with us and we have always stopped them. For these gentlemen here the environment is a well to make money and enough, some investigations by the judiciary have shown it ".

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According to Di Maio, one must find the "courage of change course"and" give a new vision to the country "." The Plastic tax, as they call it, serves this purpose. It serves to shake up, it serves to reverse the course. Don't promote the environment by talking about it, promoting it by making choices. The money of a State is not infinite, it must be re-distributed and politics serves this purpose, precisely, to make choices ". Too bad, for the 5 Stars and above all the Pd, that to "change course" thanks to this heavy tax could be theEmilia Romagna. The outgoing governor Stefano Bonaccini, a Democrat, has already warned that with the tax on plastics, the sector of the carpet could end up medium enterprise Emilian, already badly hit by the crisis, and a measure of this kind will have devastating effects on the ballot box, where the regional elections will be held on January 26th. IS Matteo Salvini, the candidate Lucia Borgonzoni, the League and the center-right could be in the sleeve of a new, unexpected ace to be dropped on the table kindly offered by the government.

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