Lufthansa: not interested in joining Alitalia, first restructuring and newco


the ceo sphor

The CEO Carsten Sphor: «Our position has not changed: we are not interested in investing in Alitalia but in a restructured company. So nothing new about this »

Alitalia burns 900 thousand euros a day

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Nothing new about the Alitalia file from Lufthansa. He assured him Carsten Sphor, CEO of the Lufthansa Group, in a conference call with analysts asked about the offer made by the German group for a commercial partnership with Alitalia. On Alitalia, he continued, "our position has not changed: we are not interested in investing in Alitalia but in a restructured company. So nothing new about this. " Also from Frankfurt, the top manager then reiterated that Alitalia should implement a plan of cuts to lighten personnel and aircraft, so as to take flight once and for all.

The requirements requested by Lufthansa
"There must be a new company in Alitalia so that there is our interest in investing" and there must be some "elements of restructuring. For us it is a requirement ". Spohr stated in a conference call. "We believe that the overlap of the Alitalia market makes it more interesting to have commercial agreements," he added. Lufthansa's expertise will allow "a restructuring that keeps out of the elements. People with current property must be put out before we can consider ourselves committed. This has not changed, "he explained.

"Unrealistic 21 November date"
"Being honest, I don't think it's realistic on November 21st," the Lufthansa CEO said about the expiration of the binding offer on Alitalia. "Quality is more important than speed, who knows better than us Germans and you Italians," Spohr continued, who declined to comment on other possible dates and added: "Of course it is more important for Alitalia to find a good business partner at the moment ».

Conte: there are premises for a market solution
"Right now there are good premises to do what we have hoped for, not as a rescue operation but as a market operation, sustainable on the economic and industrial level," said the chairman of the board, Giuseppe Conte, during the registration of Porta at Porta, talking about Alitalia.

Fs and Atlantia
Meanwhile, in Italy Fs and Atlantia are confident that Lufthansa will come forward with an equity proposal as soon as possible despite not closing the door on Delta, willing to put 100 million on the plate. Some sources continue to maintain that by Monday a more concrete proposal could arrive from Lufthansa, after the letter of commercial interest delivered to Fs and Mise a week ago.

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