Luciana Lamorgese cancels Salvini: "In 2020 we change the security decrees, we will welcome another 300 migrants"


The Interior Ministry officially cancel Matteo Salvini. The Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese starts the overcoming of the Safety decrees launched by the leader of Alloy, his predecessor: "There have been reports from the Presidency of the Republic, I believe that we must proceed in these terms and we are working on this and by the end of the year or at least the beginning of the next we can bring it to the Council of Ministers" for modify it, explained the Lamorgese.

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The plan of Pd, M5s is Italy Viva already has fixed points. "Before arriving at the closure of the detention centers in Libya, which will take some time, we will try to improve the living conditions in the sense of guaranteeing the human rights. Soon the Italy-Libya table will have to be gathered to study the necessary solutions. After the closure of the current centers one must arrive at the opening of new structures managed byUN and with the most pressing, precise and European participation ". From the" let's help them at home "then inevitably goes to" host them at home ", to put it in the key words of Salvini. 708 migrants hosted in the 7 detention centers for repatriation (Bari, Brindisi, Caltanissetta, Rome, Turin, Potenza and Trapani), but in the coming months, announces the owner of the Interior Ministry, Cpr will be activated for a total availability of approximately 300 seats and activities were also started to build other facilities for a total of 160 seats. As of October 30th, I'm over 96 thousand migrants in the reception system, the 39% compared to the same period last year. The 10 primary reception centers host 2,454, 24,568 are in the Protection System for protection holders and foreign minors alone (Siproimi) managed by the Municipalities and the bulk, 69.827, is located in temporary shelters (Cas). In the 4 hotspots (Lampedusa, Pozzallo, Taranto is Messina) instead, 478 migrants are present.

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