Lucia Borgonzoni, a very suspicious Roman journey: with those who spoke of the "government team"


A mysterious "pizza" for Lucia Borgonzoni. The weather has pinched the governor candidate of Matteo Salvini and of Alloy to the region Emilia Romagna in a restaurant in Rome, with a significant company. Together with her, writes the Roman newspaper, there was "a small group of deputies of the Carroccio" and to unite them was not only the common passion, even if from the north, for pizza.

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"The beautiful senator – he continues the weather – he was with Salvini's two former guardian angels at the Ministry of the Interior Nicola Molteni is Stefano Candiani, and other white-haired Northern League members for the one they called a reunion remembering the good times spent in the government ". But in the pot it boils something else:" Borgonzoni has also pitted the names of the future councilors that will put in your team to the Region ". On January 26 is closer, as well as the shoulder to the stronghold and the government of Rome.

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