Luca Sacchi, "killed because he had discovered something". Anastasiya inguaiata: "Only after a blonde arrived


New twist in the murder of Luca Sacchi. The 24-year-old killed last October 23 with a gunshot wound to the head in Rome "could have discovered something and for this he was killed". It is the thesis advanced by his family's lawyers, Armida Decina is Paolo Salice. The young man would therefore have been eliminated by the puscher Valerio Del Grosso is Paolo Pirino, linked to the outlet of the San Basilio and Tor Bella Monaca neighborhoods and now in prison for murder, because it was considered "inconvenient". To support the thesis also the results of the autopsy, which according to the lawyers would have revealed an anomalous fury on Luca, with "lesions compatible with the blows delivered by a club", he writes the messenger.

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The scenario is that of a dispute broke out in via Latina before the ambush that also involved Sacchi's girlfriend, Anastasiya Kylemnyk. The versions provided by a witness, present in a nearby tobacconist, and a tenant in the area seem to confirm this reconstruction: Del Grosso would have gotten out of the Smart around 11pm, holding a weapon and would have shot point-blank, while no screams would have been heard and "only after a while a blonde girl arrived".

Anastasiya, indeed. That the investigators had said that she had been hit by a club and had been defended by Luca, who was killed for this reason. Reconstruction, however, which did not convince the investigators. The doubt, concludes the Roman newspaper, is that the girl and a friend of the victim could "hide illegal traffic to Luca "or that" they had involved him, even indirectly, and the pusher decreed, at a certain point, that the young man, strong with martial arts and 1.90 high, had become uncomfortable and to be eliminated ".

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