Luca Sacchi, check Anastasiya's message to the boyfriend's father


Yesterday the very sad funeral of Luca Sacchi and that message received from his father, just before the function. Here are the words of Anastasiya

Luca Sacchi
Luca Sacchi

THE'last farewell to Luca Sacchi and the absence of Anastasiya who raised many questions. But now the message sent to the boyfriend's father appears.

Luca Sacchi's funeral

The gentiles have asked for a private and silent function, respecting theirs great pain for the loss of his son. But like in every circumstance similar to many people have wanted to give the last salute to this boy, died for a gunshot to the head and with a motive still not understandable for the investigators.

Friends outside the Church gathered with the bikes, darting and "sgasando " as they did together with their friend who now no longer exists and died in one terrible circumstance.

Good words in memory of the young victim, with the extreme emotion of a mother hugging the coffin for a few minutes – a desperate father and a brother who tries to force everyone.

Anastasiya's girlfriend is the only one not present, an absence that has certainly not gone unnoticed.

Anastasiya's message to Luca's father

Anastasiya following the media hype and the many doubts about the version of that night preferred not to attend the funeral of her boyfriend. The messenger highlights the message sent by the same to the victim's father, just before the function:

"I evaluated a lot, but with all the media hype that has been created around this story I preferred not to come"

So Mr. Alfonso responded by asking how it is possible for a girl considered a daughter had disappeared into nothingness:

"Why did you disappear?"

And again a great silence, for a relationship that seems to be by now compromise of the whole.

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