Lorenzo retires from MotoGP. The full press conference | Sky Sports


Lorenzo: "On a personal level in Honda they treated me very well. Puig was the first to trust me, I was excited to say it at the conference, he believed a lot in me, he always supported me. And they always wanted everyone to continue in 2020, if I closed it was for my own decision. But at the same time, the 2019 bike caused me problems, this bike does not completely fit my riding style, so there were no technical improvements. Marquez is the priority, so he was the point of reference, they followed him. I always understood it, it was just like that. In 2013 it was an easier bike, since Marquez's arrival has changed. It has become increasingly suited to Marquez's style and difficult for other pilots, it was difficult for Pedrosa and for me".

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