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Juve settled in Moscow. Guilherme gives away a goal at the start and the Juventus defense returns the favor soon after. So much possession, little else. Delude Ronaldo, also replaced. Rugani rejected, while Bonucci saved for avoiding the goal to Joao Mario in the second half, Rabiot also badly. Then Douglas Costa and Higuain pack a wonderful goal, which certifies the knockout rounds and confirms Juve as the only unbeaten in Europe. Lokomotiv Moscow-Juventus 1-2

Lokomotiv Moscow
Guilherme 5.5: sensational error at the start, then many interventions that save the result
Ignatiev 6: no-frills embankment Rabiot
Hoewedes 6: so much substance
Corluka 6.5: experience and wickedness, difficult to break through the wall
Rybus 5.5: rough, sometimes too much
Zhemaletdinov 5.5: runs and misses a lot, even a counterattack in the second half (37 's.t. Murilo s.v.)
Krychowiak 6.5: he cuts and sews, he is the centerpiece of the Russian midfield
Barinov 6: more quantity than quality
Joao Mario 6.5: inspired, in Russia he is finding himself again (40 's.t. Kolomytsev s.v.)
Miranchuk 7: always dangerous, two goals in two games against Juve, a nice business card
Eder 6: hard bone for Rugani.

All. Semin 6: it closes and starts again, this can be done by Lokomotiv and this asks its team

Szczesny 5.5: moves in slow motion on the first header of Miranchuk that is printed on the pole, timely but out on Krychowiak in the second half when Bonucci saves everything
Danilo 5.5: he loses the duel with Joao Mario, the dangers for Juve arrive all or almost on his side
Bonucci 6: jumps to empty leaving free way to Miranchuk in occasion of the goal of the 1-1, but a vote in more arrives only for the rescue on the line to the 77 'when Joao Mario has shot to sure beat with the door unguarded
Rugani 5: has overtaken Demiral in Sarri's hierarchies, but appears out of phase and out of shape
Alex Sandro 6.5: the best of the Juventus defense, brings quality when it overlaps on the left
Khedira 6.5: ready away and he gets a beam that perhaps conditions him in the first minutes, as soon as he enters the game he gives balance to the midfield and shortly after half an hour he gives a wonderful assist for Higuain that Guilherme nullifies (25 's.t. Douglas Costa 7: central part and widens by nature, an experiment to be repeated. Then when he starts outside and focuses, he decides the match in tandem with Higuain)
Pjanic 6: among the least negative of the first half, the rhythms are low and there are no space, but he does not give up orchestrating always with one or two touches
Rabiot 5.5: in difficulty in the double phase, it seems that he always needs at least an hour to get into the game when he starts playing
Ramsey 6.5: "Steals" the first goal on a free kick to Ronaldo, but it is a sign of great reactivity in an evening where too many of his companions instead appear dozing (19 's.t. Bentancur 6: a few minutes as an attacking midfielder and then back as a halftime, raise the pace
Higuain 7: a great opportunity neutralized by Lokomotiv's goalkeeper, then a rather sterile but always precise offensive directing job. The heel for Douglas Costa is as good as the goal
Ronaldo 5: the goal of the advantage is Ramsey, but should be divided between his merits and the demerits of Guilherme. In reality it does not seem like an evening, it incapacitates and kicks bad situations that usually see it as extremely dangerous, Guilherme (37 's.t. Dybala s.v.)

All. Sarri 6.5: some important decisions. He prefers Rugani to Demiral. And send in the stands Bernardeschi. Then the game begins, we see more or less the usual Juve, which holds a lot of ball but makes too little. On the other hand, you can dance too much. To unlock it he also pulls out Ronaldo, who does not seem to like it: but it is a right choice, because Douglas is with Higuain who makes the decisive goal.

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