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Liverpool right now, and not only from this moment, is the strongest team in Europe. Today he gave another demonstration of his greatness by crashing Manchester City with three goals and a fantastic match. He played and scored in every way, on the counterattack and with dribbling, with strength and technique, changing, according to the needs, the style of play and always reaching the highest point. There was not one of the Reds who deserved less than a full enough report card. This for just under 80 minutes, while in the final the City exploded and in those minutes the Reds knew how to suffer. Now they are at + 9 on the outgoing champions, at +8 on Leicester and Chelsea who share the 2nd place in the Premier. If such a victory is not decisive, we are short of it. And it is a victory that also leads to a record of the maximum English championship: only 5 teams, before that of Klopp, had managed to win 11 games in the first 12 days. That it was a fantastic Liverpool made him understand the performance of Manchester City that up until 0-3 has responded continuously, blow by blow, going close several times to the goal, without finding it even for the curse that hits Aguero at Anfield Road: he never scored at this stage. Then, having scored 3-1, it was unleashed in attack. But above all the City can and must take it out on the referee Oliver and his colleague at the Var as we will tell below.GO TO ENGLISH – Ball of the City, goal of Liverpool, but in the first fantastic quarter of an hour the protagonists were the referees, the one in the field, Oliver, an old acquaintance of Buffon and Juve (yes, he, that of the garbage can instead of the heart …) and his colleague at the Var. This happened after just 6 ', when the pace was already skyrocketing: Manchester City attack with Bernardo Silva, short cross in area, Alexander-Arnold touched the ball first with his very wide arm and then with his thigh. Everyone in the City, including Guardiola, shouted for the penalty, but Oliver didn't see, or he saw and said it was not rigor. Liverpool overturned the action, started like a sliver on the left, Mane's conclusion was pushed back from the area by Gundogan, but no one marked Fabinho when he threw the ball two centimeters from the pole. The rabid citizens surrounded Oliver who asked the Var to enlighten them: not granting that penalty was a mistake that would have unleashed Italy, but will also unleash it in England: Guardiola is Latin, not at all British and at the end of the game he will tell four to Oliver and his colleagues, becoming, after many years, in solidarity with Buffon.

GOALS AT KLOPP – If the first Reds network was born from a rapid reversal of the game front, the doubling was the summary of Jurgen Klopp's football. Goal in two passaggthe. The first: Alexander-Arnold from right to left on Robertson's run and Robertson himself from left to right, in area, on the run of Salah with the trajectory of the ball that passed Fabinho and Angelino (too much behind the Egyptian), header of the former viola and Roma player, ball on the far post. It was just the 13th, this match was already a hymn to the game of football.

TERZINI-DIRECTORS-ALI – Liverpool-City was a show. We expected it just like that, with a crazy pace, an intensity that in Serie A we dream of, a crazy speed and despite all this an exciting technique. Liverpool was unleashed on both sides, with Mane and Salah, of course, but even more so with Alexander-Arnold and Robertson, who are born full-backs, play with wings and make … directors. It is no coincidence that they are the two players who have touched most balls of all in the Premier. At 2-0 the game hasn't changed at all. An attack on each side, an occasion for part. Angelino (better forwards than behind) chipped the pole base after a triangle with De Bruyne, the most inspired midfielder in the City, while Gundogan and Rodrigo were not at their best. Aguero, who continued his particular abstinence on Anfield Road, was instead inaccurate in the conclusions. Two occasions for the Kun, two for Firmino, another for Salah. Without a moment's pause.

AND THEN HANDS: 18 UP 18 – Same pace, same battle in the second half. And as it happened in the first half, Liverpool scored after just 6 '. Henderson crosses from the right, Mane heads on the far post, 3-0. It was a different goal from the others, he arrived after a prolonged dribble at the bottom of which he missed all the citizens' defensive line: Gundogan and Angelino were late on Henderson, Stones and Walker lost Mane, finally Bravo took a step forward (I go out?) and one back (no, return) and scored goals. Per Mane was the 18th goal in the last 18 games played in his stadium. The City went close to scoring again with the very ex ex Sterling, it would have been useful to get back into the game, but Lovren diverted his shot into full area.

GUARDIOLA FURIBONDO – Pep's team blamed the third goal and it took a quarter of an hour to recover. Liverpool started to dribble trying to slow down the pace, Fabinho dominated in the middle of the field leaning on Wijnaldum and Henderson who then gave way to Milner. Aguero narrowly missed the wide-open goal and Guardiola replaced it with Gabriel Jesus. The City did not give up and finally scored a goal it deserved with Bernardo Silva. Klopp was furious for an alleged foul on Fabinho in the same goal action. With a quarter of an hour to go, Pep's team went wild and so did he when a very close shot by Sterling hit Alexander-Arnold's hand again: compared to the touch of the first half, this time the fullback had the nearest arm. Guardiola got mad, sent Oliver to that country with two gestures, three, four times, he shouted livid in the face of the fourth man, got caught even with the audience behind him, mimicking the two touches of his hand and at the end of the game he went to shake Oliver's hand and the linesmen tightly, raising his forefinger angrily.


Liverpool-Manchester City 3-1
LIVERPOOL (4-3-3): Allison 7; Alexander-Arnold 7.5 Lovren 6.5 Van Dijk 7 Robertson 7; Henderson 7 (16 'st Milner 6.5) Fabinho 7.5 Wijnaldum 7.5; Salah 7.5 (42 'st Joe Gomez sv) Firmino 6.5 (34' st Oxlade-Chamberlain sv) Mane 7. Coach: Klopp 8

MANCHESTER CITY (4-3-3): Bravo 6; Walker 6 Stones 6 Fernandinho 6 Angelino 6; De Bruyne 7 Rodrigo 6 Gundogan 6; Bernardo Silva 6.5 Aguero 5.5 (26 'st Gabriel Jesus 5.5) Sterling 6.5. Coach: Guardiola 6.5

REFEREE: Oliver 4.5

MARKERS: 6 'pt Fabinho (L), 13' pt Salah (L), 6 'st Mane (L), Bernardo Silva (33' st)

AMMONITI: 20 'st Rodrigo (MC) for protests

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