Liverpool-Manchester City 3-1: do the Reds put on a show, already the Premier mortgaged?


Be glory to Liverpool, which closes the Premier League 2019/2020 in 13 minutes: the time to put on Manchester City with two magnificent and cruel goals. Magnificent because Fabinho's 25-meter shot (at 6 ') and Salah's header in the running (13'), with his feet on the ground, without skipping, a perfect match with the ball crossed from the left in the second post area by Robertson, in turn activated by the other full-back Alexander-Arnold from the right, were the perfect product of the sublime essentiality of Klopp's game: the German philosopher's system – definitively among the giants of the history of western football thought – has now eliminated every superfluous gesture or touch, the paths of the game (almost always vertical, in constant push, never conservative) are dry, clear, the result of technique, speed, application and absolute dedication. The best available on the world market, without discussion. Cruel for why the City had begun (and even ended) to the great, just as it must do in a game so decisive for its survival: the attack, not caring about the Kop and its You'll never walk alone, and with the want to put Liverpool on the ropes at home.

S rigor or not?

And just a few seconds before 0-1 he seemed to have succeeded, thanks to Alexender-Arnold's handball in the red area. No one has sanctioned it for, neither the referee Oliver, nor the Var, although – beyond the protests of Aguero (who guilty stops), of Guardiola and of the whole Citizen world – we must remember that a the moment before the ball was rebounded on Bernardo Silva's arm and therefore, on balance, perhaps the penalty would have been canceled. Who knows how it would have gone to 1-0 for City, good at making the game he wanted to do and still close to scoring three times in the first half with the ex-whistling Sterling (0-1) and then with Angelino (post) and Aguero (throw out of nothing). We will never know. While we know that the Reds, with certain extraordinary restarts, have again touched the network with Firmino and Salah.

Absolute show

At the break it was clear that he was facing a memorable match, really the most beautiful game in the world, as he had said on the eve of it: total technique of great players, zero tactics, frightening intensity, very few breaks for fouls (nerves strained immediately) blurred in fair play), continuous desire to strike, never to amaze without purpose. The difference was not only in the Reds superfine play, but also in Manchester City's defensive difficulties. If in fact the Kloppists were able to resist in the difficulties in front of their own area, especially in the last difficult quarter of an hour, Guardiola's students showed not a few flaws in the defensive phase. A state on 0-2, when Liverpool's all-round triangle was allowed, and one, even bigger, on the next 0-3 which sent the game on the ice in the 6th minute: on Henderson's cross from the back aa right, Man was left free to hit, again on the opposite pole, by the incorrect positioning of Walker and Stones. Ferocia Liverpool, in short, capable of striking not only at the restart but also at the end of a maneuvered phase. But also a certain laxity of the City, which was fatal and which, if you think about it, was also seen in the Champions League against Atalanta.

Escape to the Premier

From here on the rest was only an appendix: the City, despite growing nervousness, continued to try with pride and still great quality plays and Bernardo Silva's 3-1 goal in the 33rd minute of the second half served to score a proportion more consistent with the progress of the game. At 8 'from the end, then, a touch of hand again by Alexander-Arnold on Sterling's cross angers the City and Guardiola, who also fights with the Reds fans behind his bench. Anyway, Liverpool proves to know how to suffer too, defends the advantage and rises to 34 points against Manchester City's 25, passed also from Leicester and Chelsea to 26. Now everyone, Klopp first, will tell you that the road is still long, but hard to believe that this beautiful and massive Liverpool – sometimes near perfection – could squander so much advantage. Last season, having reached the direct clash in January to more 6, Liverpool lost to Manchester and activated the comeback of the City, which eventually won the title. This time, having learned the lesson, the Reds were able to seize the chance. The end of league abstinence that has lasted since 1990 – when the Premier was still called First Division – was never so close. Cheer aside, those who love football as beauty and justice can only be happy about it.

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