Liverani: 'I will save Lecce, which I argue with Mancini at Lazio …' | A league


The Lecce coach, Liverani stated to Corriere dello Sport in view of the match with Lazio: "It was my home for five special years, a school of life with real men by my side. Peruzzi marked the way for me, that you argue with Mancini… But the group compacted to win the Italian Cup. Immobile is the real bomber of the Italian championship, I see myself again in Luis Alberto. His plays bring me joy, knows how to guess the game in advance ". "Bringing Lecce back to Serie A is my pride, I want salvation. We need to reach 40 points, now the team is trusting. The fans are the added value, what a passion and what a roar at the San Siro for the 2-2 goal! Falco owes his growth to himself, I only gave him advice ".

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