LIVE TMW – Udinese, the post-Tudor will be chosen after the SPAL: the last ones


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LIVE TMW - Udinese, the post-Tudor will be chosen after the SPAL: the last ones

22.11 – CANDIDATES INCREASE IN THE BENCH WITH THE SPAL VA GOTTI – While remaining the idea of ​​continuing with Luca Gotti, which however initially declined the possibility of becoming the first coach until the end of the season, Udinese probes the market in search of a technician who can give certain guarantees and work with the already rich staff that the bianconeri have at home. Today in a Venetian hotel the Friulian leadership met Walter Zenga, Davide Ballardini is Massimo Carrera, three potential targets for the second part of the season. It also remains in the race Gigi Di Biagio, a decision that will be taken during the week, without prejudice to the choice of having Gotti on the bench also against the SPAL.

17.50 – GOTTI IN PANCHINA ALSO WITH SPAL – Davide Ballardini, Walter Zenga is Moreno Longo are and remain the main candidates for the Udinese bench, but the news today is that the new coach at home from Friuli will not arrive this week but during the break, also to protect the technician himself, who will be able to work calmly for to impress his idea on the group. An expectation, that of the Friulian club, motivated also by the great trust in Luca Gotti, who for personal reasons decided not to stand as Tudor's heir. In society it is happening whether it is possible to get a second derogation to get Luca Gotti on the bench also in the next weekend, he reveals Sportitalia.

4.15pm – GOTTI HAS DIRECTED THE SITTING-SESSION – Waiting to know the name of the new coach, Luca Gotti also today – in the aftermath of the victory against Genoa – directed the training session.

12.05 – SUMMIT WITH BALLARDINI AND ZENGA Udinese evaluation hours on who to entrust the bench for the post-Tudor. Meeting underway with Davide Ballardini in the presence of Pozzo and Pierpaolo Marino. At the end of the summit with the former Genoa coach, before lunch, a meeting with Walter Zenga is also planned. The final decision by evening. Udinese reflected, it was a two-run for the bench.

11.24 – GOTTI WILL NOT RESIST – "I remain on my position. I am available to the company that will be able to make the best decision in the time it deems necessary, then I will return to doing what I was doing before. It may be possible to arrive next week, depending on the club." With these words Luca Gotti has turned off potential rumors about its confirmation on the bench of Udinese, despite the excellent victory obtained at Marassi against Genoa


18.44 – ZENGA IN POLE FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF TUDOR – According to what has been collected by 'Sportitalia', Walter Zenga, a technician who has just returned from his adventure at Venice, is on pole for the replacement of Igor Tudor.

16.00 – TUDOR EXONERATED: MARINO'S COMMENT – Pierpaolo Marino, director of the technical area of ​​Udinese, commented on Pierpaolo Marino's exemption: "For me it is a very sad day. The days of the two games with Atalanta and Roma were sad, but even more sad this day "Because we had to take a measure that is the exemption of Tudor. It is a very painful measure but necessary to give a turn and a push. Pay Tudor but he is not the major responsible for this situation. We thank Tudor but we must turn the page and now it's the team called to take responsibility because then the players went on the field in these two games ".

13.05 – OFFICIAL: TUDOR EXONERATED – Udinese Calcio announces that he has relieved Igor Tudor and his collaborator Jurica Vucko from the technical team of the first team. The company thanks Tudor and Vucko for their work. The team is temporarily entrusted to Mr. Luca Gotti who will direct the first training this afternoon at 3.00 pm.

12.25 – MONDAY THE SUBSTITUTE – Only the statement is missing, but this morning Udinese gave Igor Tudor the sack. This morning the Friulian club told the Croatian coach that he will not be leading the team on Sunday at the Ferraris against Genoa. No hurry, however, on the replacement, which will be announced on Monday: in the next championship match, as announced this morning, Luca Gotti will be on the bench. With Tudor, his collaborator Jurica Vucko will also be exempt.

12.09 – TUDOR EXONERATED – Igor Tudor is no longer the Udinese coach. The technician was in fact exonerated by the Bianconeri company and only expects the official statement that should arrive during the next few hours.

11.04 – GOTTI IN PANCHINA – News arrives on the coaching front at Udinese. According to what has been gathered by our editorial team in the match against Genoa it will be Luca Gotti to go to the bench and then a new coach will be chosen. Igor Tudor he should not lead the bianconeri's training session this afternoon.


21.20 – EXEMPTION ONLY SLIP OF A FEW HOURS. GOTTI IN PANCHINA IN GENOA? Igor Tudor left with the team for the withdrawal, but his destiny seems to be marked: as reported Sky Sports, the exemption was not formalized only because there was no agreement between the parties on the termination of the contract. Tomorrow, if the agreement is not found, Udinese should formalize the farewell with the Croatian coach; in Genoa, on the bench, will sit the deputy, Luca Gotti, waiting for the new coach.

8.49 pm – TUDOR WITHIN THE TEAM – The coach Igor Tudor is also on the bus that is bringing Udinese into retreat. The Croatian, whose position is at risk after the last two setbacks in the league, spoke with the owner Giampaolo Pozzo (along with Marino and Collavino) and for the moment follows the team.

20.25 – ENDING END – The evening conversation between the Udinese patron concluded Giampaolo Pozzo and the technician Igor Tudor, he says Sky Sports. At the moment there are still no communications, but the scenario probably includes two conclusions: the possible resignation by the technician or in any case a departure from the company. In this case it would be alive the chance to see Gotti on the bench against Genoa waiting for the new coach.

19.59 – TUDOR IN INTERVIEW WITH WELL – Igor Tudor, he says Sky Sports, is currently in conversation with the president Pozzo and with the leaders of Udinese to discuss his future. The team immediately after dinner will leave for the retreat, with the aim of preparing for the away match against Genoa. Regardless of who will be the coach.

5.42 – ALSO OF BIAGIO FOR THE AFTER TUDOR – In the last few minutes, a new possibility for the Udinese bench takes hold and it is the one that leads to the former Under-21 national coach Luigi Di Biagio. With the Italian experience closed, the coach could start from Udine. Marino likes this a lot and this could be a small detail, he explains about the future of the Friuli bench, waiting for the now certain exemption of Igor Tudor.

17.01 – IN THE EVENING THE EXONERO, THEN THE SUCCESSOR – Today's direct training should be Igor Tudor's last Udinese coach. In the evening the exemption for the Croatian should arrive, who no longer enjoys the confidence of the club: however, there are no certainties about the successor, with different names on the scale.

14.51 – GOES TOWARDS THE EXIT OF TUDOR – The Udinese goes towards the change of the coach. Today's meeting – as collected in the last minutes by TMW – led in fact the Juventus company to evaluate concretely the exemption of Igor Tudor. These are therefore hours of reflection to identify the substitute (Gattuso and Ballardini the ideas).

13.06 – TUDOR DIRECTS TRAINING – Waiting for developments on the Udinese bench, the coach Tudor – reports – is regularly conducting training on the fields of Bruseschi to lead the team's unloading session after last night's match against Roma at the Dacia Arena.

12.13 – POSSIBLE (POSSIBLE) SUBSTITUTES – In these moments the future of Igor Tudor is being decided at Udinese. Meanwhile, in the last hours, the possible names for the next Udinese bench have come out: from Gattuso to Ballardini, but not only. (CLICK HERE to learn more)

11.16 – "A BAD BARREL" – Igor Tudor's bench hangs in the balance, with the possible exemption that could arrive in the next few hours. Meanwhile, the same Udinese technician, in a press conference, tried to explain the reasons for the heavy internal knockout against Roma: "I thought it would have been better to play immediately after only three days from the Bergamo setback. When you don't win it is always the coach's fault, but I think we played two games against two very strong teams. We are all obviously sorry, it was a nasty blow.Also in the locker room there is little desire to talk, which is emblematic of how much the players they are bad ".

10.45 – TUDOR AT RISK EXEMPTION It was a night of reflection in the house Udinese after the heavy internal knockout suffered by Rome at the Dacia Arena (0-4). A defeat arrived after the collapse went on stage against Atalanta, and which now puts the coach's bench at serious risk Igor Tudor. According to our editorial staff, in fact, the exemption for the technician of the Friuli could already arrive in the next few hours. Follow the LIVE of with all the updates!

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