LIVE TMW – Sarri: "We need to thank CR7. I don't know if it went away first"


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LIVE TMW - Sarri:

At the conclusion of the match with the Milan, inside the press room of the Allianz Stadium, the technician of the Juventus Maurizio Sarri.

23.41 – Start the conference

With two substitutions he changed the fate of the match, why did Ronaldo get out?
"Paulo had a gastrointestinal problem on the eve of the Champions League. Yesterday I saw him better but I had doubts about his race behavior. Just like Ronaldo, who has blamed these problems in the last few days. I had already decided this morning to do a part time for both. Douglas Costa is a growth player. "

On the championship …
"In this moment of simple victories there are none for anyone. The games are tough, if you look at the points of Juve and Inter they come from suffered games".

How do you comment on Ronaldo's reaction? It seems he left the Stadium before the end of the game …
"I do not know this because I did not enter the boys' locker room. If he gets angry, after all he has won, it just pleases me. We have to thank him because he made himself available, another would have stopped in his place" .

If he was sick because he only missed Lecce?
"I don't remember when he took this shot in training, I think a couple of days after Lecce. From that moment he has some discomfort on the supports. The problem is not only about the match but also about the training, because collateral problems can arise".

What is the knee?
"I think the right one, but I could be wrong. It's just a small side problem that is affecting him in training. He formed a hematoma in the collateral, not a serious serious problem but it is conditioning him in training."

One who leaves the stadium early, is he not likely to be disrespectful to his companions?
"I do not know, but if it is true what you say will be a problem that will have to be clarified with the companions".

Why did you come back late in the second half?
"The bell rang at that moment. Technical problem, I don't know (smiles)".

What happened to Matuidi?
"They are bringing him to J Medical, the doctors suspect he took a blow to the side. The feeling is that he may also have a small fracture."

Yesterday he defended Bernardeschi, today for him almost an environmental problem. What can he say?
"I think he is a guy with extraordinary qualities. Sometimes he gets angry because he doesn't always bring out everything he has in his potential with continuity. But he is also a player who has a participation in defense that allows us to hold this form."

23.52 – The conference ends

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