LIVE TMW – Rome, Fonseca: "Europe has weighed. Florenzi? We only talk about him"


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LIVE TMW - Rome, Fonseca:

20:45 – After the intervention of D'Aversa we are waiting for Paulo Fonseca, the Roma coach, who in a few minutes will comment on the defeat of Roma against Parma at the press conference. We will therefore follow LIVE the conference thanks to our correspondent, in collaboration with

20:48 – Off to the press conference: "I think it's clear to everyone that we're tired. We've done all the last matches with the usual players. We were slow to react and think against a very strong team on the counterattack. We didn't make good preventive markings. Parma has had many chances and played dangerously on the counterattack ".

Dzeko opens many spaces but in the last games he has never pulled in the door:
"Today Dzeko was alone in attack but it is also true that Parma made a good defensive match, gave no space and we didn't do many crosses. With a low team we can make the difference with the cross but we don't have it But I have to say that Dzeko hasn't scored in the last few games but he works a lot for the team. Dzeko is also a little tired. "

On the bench there were players to use:
"As I said, Under and Diawara are not ready for 90 minutes. When the team wins it is normal that you don't want to change. We hope to recover some injuries for the next game."

Some players seem irreplaceable:
"I want to change but right now we don't have many substitutes for Dzeko and Kolarov. We can't change them."

How do you judge Mancini?
"He adapted well. He raced a lot, as always, he played a good game."

Rome did not have so much imagination:
"The moment we lose the ball we were not good at preventive scoring. The team played with ambition and sometimes it is better to manage the ball better. Parma then lowered and it was difficult to find space."

For lorenzi sixth bench below:
"We always talk about Florenzi … he is our captain and a professional. It is an option and at the time I chose it this way."

How much did the Europa League weigh?
"A lot. I have to say that the match against Borussia was one of the games in which we ran the most, in a heavy field then. It was difficult to recover".

20:56 – The press conference of Paulo Fonseca, Roma coach, after the Parma knockout.

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