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LIVE TMW - LIVE LIGUE 1 - Nimes shortens the distance

20.00 – Just a few moments before the kick-off for the lighting of smoke bombs by the home fans.
20.03 – Start the challenge.
4 '- Lille immediately forward with Bamba who snaps to the right but the outside of the home side is blocked well by Sunzu, then Delaine drives away.
6 '- Jose Fonte !! The powerful defender of Lille from distance, Oukidja manages to neutralize centrally.
12 '- Try now the Metz with Diallo that fits in the central streets and seeks a suggestion for a companion who is not there and the occasion fades.
20 '- Twenty minutes during the first half. Few chances between Lille and Metz and 0-0 right.
26 '- Celik's foul intervention against Nguette. Free kick for Metz.
35 '- What a chance for Lille !! Bamba widens on the right and crosses towards the center, Boye deflects his head but Oukidja relaxes and puts the ball touched by his defender.
39 '- Osimhen !! Occasion for Lille !! Control and shooting of the attacker of the home team, Oukidja's response was very great.
8.49 pm – There is no more time. The first half ends with Lille and Metz at 0-0.
21.05 – More smoke bombs in Lille. As in the first part of the race, this second half will also start late.
21.07 – We leave again.

20.00 – Starting whistle.
5 '- We immediately try the Monaco with Ben Yedder that triggers the speed of Slimani but Gomis reads well the intentions of the opponent and blocks the ball out.
9 '- The formation of the Principality develops well with Gelson Martins who tries to enter the area but the rear of the Dijon closes well.
15 '- Ben Yedder takes charge of a free kick, the ball slams on the barrier placed by Gomis.
19 '- Double chance for Glik !! Monaco close to the advantage !! On the development of a corner, the former defender of the Taurus strikes his head finding the excellent response from Gomis. On the rebutted the same Polish footballer shoots up.
24 '- Cadiz !! Dijon close to scoring !! Personal action of the outside guest with Lecomte that blocks his way and puts in corner.
30 '- Badiashile !! Opportunity for Monaco !! The defender's header is off target, Gomis neutralizes in two stages with a twist.
32 '- What has Slimani devoured !! Opportunity for Monaco !! No more goal balls for the hosts. The attacker receives from Golovin more than favorable position and with the door wide open he shoots high.
33 '- Still Slinani !! Monaco close to the advantage !! Striker's header with Goims diving the ball away from the goal.
34 '- Tavares !! Opportunity for the Angers !! On the reversal in front of the attacker part in counterattack and kicks diagonally once inside the area, Lecomte saves with his foot.
40 '- Now pushes the Dijon with Tavares that widens on the left side and tries a cross towards the center without finding teammates.
43 '- Golovin scores !! Monaco in the lead !! Bell'azione born by Ben Yedder and ended by a filtering passage of Slimani fishing the midfielder, able to overcome Gomis.
20.46 – The first half ends here with Monaco ahead 1-0 on Dijon.
21.03 – Beat the first ball of the second half.
49 '- Free kick for the Dijon entrusted to Chouiar. Its conclusion from a decentralized position ends high above the crossbar.
51 '- Gil Dias !! Conclusion on the first post of the former Fiorentina with the ball going out at the bottom.

20.00 – Let's go.
4 '- Munetsi !! On the development of a corner kick, the Reims midfielder comes off the top of the area but fails to frame the goal.
9 '- Leaving Pereira in the left lane. The outside of the Angers crossed towards the center but Rajkovic called the ball and made it his own in a high hold.
14 '- Corner for the Angers entrusted to Mangani, his cross from the flag is easy prey for Rajkovic.
20 '- Pushes Reims with Foket who goes off to the right and crosses towards the center of the area but his suggestion doesn't find teammates.
26 '- Alioui !! Opportunity for the Angers !! Great free-kick from the edge of the Bianconeri's number 7 area, Rajkovic diving dives the ball from the corner.
33 '- On the development of a corner kick, Traore kicks from the distance but finds himself rejected by an opponent.
40 '- Traore !! Opportunity for the Angers !! On the development of a corner, the Juventus defender tries the conclusion without finding the goal mirror.
8.45 pm – The double whistle of the referee manager who sends the teams to the locker room arrives. 0-0 between Reims and Angers.
21.03 – The second half begins.
50 '- Pushes Reims with a cross from Kamara's left, Thomas is alert in the center of the area and heads away.

20.00 – Beat the first ball of the match.
2' – Lienard !! Opportunity for Strasbourg !! The midfielder receives horizontally from Bellegarde and from outside the area kicks into the goal, Dias raises over the crossbar.
9 '- Valls stake !! Nimes very close to the advantage !! Control and shot of the red and white midfielder from inside the area, the ball slams on the upright to the right of Sels.
14 '- Goals of Ajorque !! Strasbourg ahead !! Thomasson enters the area from the right side of the field and starts a low cross that the attacker, lurking at the far post, reiterates on the net.
21 '- Mothiba !! Opportunity for Strasbourg !! The attacker of the home team receives a filtering pass in the area and hits the fly but Dias performs a miracle by rejecting the ball.
26 '- Penalty kick for Strasbourg !! Miguel lands Mothiba inside the area, the referee has no doubts and assigns the maximum punishment for the hosts.
29 '- The VAR calls the race director who goes to review the action on the monitor, a few more moments for the decision.
30 '- No penalty kick! Here comes the decision of the race director who, after seeing the action on the monitor, revokes the penalty for Strasbourg.
36 '- Mothiba !! Opportunity for Strasbourg !! Attacker's header from inside the area, a ball that ends just a breath away from the bottom.
39 '- Still Mothiba !! Strasbourg dangerous !! Confused action in the Nimes area, the attacker picks up a loose ball and kicks with power, Dias with a reflex puts in a corner.
42 – Thomasson's Strasbourg free-kick taken but his cross towards the center of the area is blocked by the Nimes defense.
47 '- Goals from Mothiba !! The doubling of Strasbourg !! Ajoruque crosses in the middle from the left side of the field, Martinez punches the ball in the head and the attacker can stow away behind Dias.
20.49 – Teams in the locker room in Strasbourg with the hosts in the lead 2-0 over Nimes.
21.04 – The match resumes.
48 '- Goals of Philippoteaux !! Shorten the Nimes !! Conclusion "to Del Piero" of the white and red number 7 from inside the area and ball behind Sels.

19:56 – The eight teams engaged this evening are making their entry on their respective playgrounds.

19:46 – At 5.30 pm, Paris Saint-Germain beat Brest 2-1 while Nice and Bordeaux drew 1-1 in Friday's anticipation.

19:35 – Four matches will be played at 8 pm:

Lovers of French football in the evening with Andrea Piras and welcome to the direct text of the matches valid for the 13th day of Ligue 1. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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Serie A, the ranking: Torino reaches Parma, Brescia second last "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 After the victory of Sassuolo with Bologna, three points arrive for Torino on the Brescia pitch. This is the updated Serie A ranking after the first two races of the 12th round:

Juventus 29
Inter 28
Rome 22
Lazio 21
Atalanta 21
Cagliari 21
Naples 18
Fiorentina 16
Verona …

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