LIVE TMW – Inter, Conte: "Champions? Small hopes. Let's reflect"


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LIVE TMW - Inter, Conte:

13.45 – After the Dortmund knockout and the consequent post match outbreak of Antonio Conte, for Inter it is time to start again in view of the challenge against Hellas al Meazza, valid for the 12th matchday of Serie A. Soon the Inter technician will speak in conference from the press room of the Suning Training Center of Appiano Gentile. Follow it LIVE on

14.00 – Antonio Conte's press conference began

How do you deal with a healthy team like Hellas?
"With great attention. They run, press and therefore we will have to be prepared. It will not be a simple race, we will have to be good at disposing of the Dortmund disappointment that can certainly leave some aftermath. It is part of our maturity process, to quickly dispose of the slag of bitterness in Champions "

Has the company reassured you after the post-Champions outburst?
"It wasn't an outburst, but a constructive speech. Mistakes were made, but I didn't want to point out anyone in that circumstance. I don't know if the leadership understood it. I'm here to try to change the engine speed of the club in the last nine years. Everything is done with the intention of improving, to make it clear that we can do better because we are Inter. When we are in the private sector, managers are the first to recognize that something could be done better at the beginning season"

Are you worried about the accident situation?
"They need to make us think constructively. When facing certain competitions, a few stops you have to put it in the budget. We will have to be good in the future to try to remedy these situations. I trust the group that is doing incredible, extraordinary things, even though in great difficulty. They are really giving the soul, doing the maximum and I think there are still very great room for improvement. Barella, Lautaro, Sensi, Bastoni, Skriniar are all very young. Lukaku himself is 26 years old. in the future, important things, even with the intention to raise the bar even more now. We must return to compete for important goals. Mine are words, as mentioned, constructive. I am sorry if for someone I am wrong, but in everything there is it's always a strategy "

How are the injured?
"Danilo has been training with us for a week. He still has a problem with his finger, we'll see how much he can stand the pain. Let's talk about a player of incredible generosity. Now, however, the break comes. Sensi instead finds it hard to recover from the adductor problem. I tried to manage it better, we'll see tomorrow. We'll have to bite our tongue for now, be cold "

Will he have to rely on some young people in view of the absences?
"The alternative is to bring some spring flowers like Fonseca and Vergani. There are not many alternatives. In Esposito I have great confidence, we will try to make up for this period that deprives us of many alternatives"

Inter suffers a lot when it has to defend low, as shown in Dortmund and Reggio Emilia …
"I can't blame you, they are situations that have actually occurred. We do better when we are tall. We have made over thirty goals, but cashed beyond the average. We have to work in this direction, the goalkeeper becomes essential in the possession phase, but even in the defensive one. The faults, however, cannot be applied to a single department "

Is his call also mental?
"When I talk about strategy speech, I also refer to this. I don't think I'm here to change anything, in fact I'll have to try to change a course that for years has seen Inter out of almost all situations. Spalletti made a great job, for the difficulties that I found here, I arrived with the awareness of finding a difficult historical period, before Juventus and not only have they been structured over the years in an important way. "I'm trying to bring someone to certain levels that they weren't used to and I'm sorry about that. It becomes difficult if it can't be done, I can't distort myself, I always ask a lot and I look for excellence. So nobody here can be satisfied, today it's up to push hard from every point of view: all united and compact to show that you love at Inter. is"

Lautaro after Dortmund said the problem was mental, did you find any tactical flaws that could explain the second half?
"I think at that moment it was more important to talk about other things than what had not gone in the second half. We all know the problems, they forced us to defend, I don't know if for lack of our energies and for absolute merits them. if in fact we had the strength to continue to hold that intensity, or if Dortmund played so well that we were forced to stay low anyway, our strength is playing in the opponent's half and attacking, but we need to take another step let us keep the boat afloat "

For the passage of the round in the Champions, do you remain confident?
"Winning in Dortmund meant staying with a foot and a half in the knockout rounds and for what we showed there and in Barcelona there must be great regret. I have to be very honest and say that the defeat in Dortmund changed the passing percentages of the round. Today for me they are very small, but we also know that the only way we can go is to start winning and hope for some other result ".

In summer market choices, do you hear this team totally yours?
"Absolutely. I think that market choices are always made in collaboration with the club, knowing what can and cannot be done. My only complaint is that when we planned the squad we did not estimate some situations that could have happened, also because they had happened in the past as well.The only regret is this, for the rest I'm happy to have this rose and I'm even happier to have known them. desire to do it, but on a numerical level we have been superficial and today, unfortunately, we are paying for something in a serene way, we had done some more rotation maybe a few more chances we could have had it, but I repeat, it is part of a path. things, no bypassing them, if you want to go all together to one goal, we need to know this and everything is always done for the good of Inter. i is that in football, as in life, there are moments and occasions when you have to understand that winning will change your life ".

14.32 – Antonio Conte's press conference ended

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