LIVE TMW – Fiorentina, Montella: "We can't afford similar debacle"


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LIVE TMW - Fiorentina, Montella:

The Fiorentina coach, Vincenzo Montella, will speak at the press conference at the end of the match lost by his team to Sardinia Arena against Cagliari for 5-2.

15.06 – The press conference begins.

Why didn't Fiorentina take to the field?
"I told the boys, we have to give credit to Cagliari but for some parts of the race we were ashamed. I don't know the reason for this performance, I don't want to appeal to any alibi: mentally we were not up to it. We must understand also the reasons for the rescue at 5-0, but we cannot afford such debacle ".

Do you feel pressure on you?
"Today it is not the boys' fault, God forbid. To say a name, today I saw a different Vlahovic before and after the goal. There is a bit of tension, there can be when you have to do with young boys. I am calm, but I have a heartburn that I do not tell you. "

How sorry was you to let go via Simeone?
"No remorse, the boy was no longer serene in Florence and it is right that he went to play. I am happy for him and for what he is doing in Cagliari".

Does Vlahovic represent anything more than a certainty?
"He can become a crack, he has all our support and we are happy with him. He will have his space, we believe in him very much".

Athletic condition gap?
"This happens when you are not there with your head, they went strong because they are strong. For long stretches you have seen a bit of difference, but you have to be cautious in the judgments".

Don't you think you're too ungenerous with your kids?
"It is not a problem of form, absolutely. We were expecting a Cagliari like this, for this reason I get angry for saying nothing more. I needed more".

She was also a young footballer, but seemed to be more mature.
"I think it's a problem of soccer speed, the times have changed: there was no internet, there wasn't all this speed. God forbid, it's other times".

15.14 – The press conference ends.

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