LIVE TMW – Chaos Napoli: training, contestation and new (short) withdrawal


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LIVE TMW - Chaos Napoli: training, contestation and new (short) withdrawal

What happens in Naples? The team rebelled, even calling the lawyers, so as not to go on a retreat, as commanded by the patron Aurelio De Laurentiis. And it seems that there is also Carlo Ancelotti, who, on the eve of the meeting, expressed his opposition to this provision, to then decline the post-Salzburg press interviews. Interviews that, we must remember, are mandatory for the UEFA regulation: therefore very heavy fines for the Italian club are expected. We will follow the whole day of the Neapolitans, with an envoy to Castel Volturno, with our direct written on TMW:

18.25 Napoli will be in withdrawal: it will last only one night – Naples in withdrawal in the night between Friday and Saturday. At the end of the training session it was announced that the team will be retiring, but only starting tomorrow. A decision taken, according to the statement released yesterday by Naples, directly by coach Carlo Ancelotti. It will last only one night, as the team will be busy Saturday at the San Paolo against Genoa.

6.15 pm – The day ends: the training report – The day at the Napoli home ends. The team abandoned the San Paolo between the protest of the fans present outside the Fuorigrotta plant, but also during the session by the approximately 600 supporters present. This is the report: "Training at the San Paolo this afternoon for Napoli. The Azzurri prepare the match against Genoa on Saturday for the 12th day of Serie A (8.45pm). After a first warm-up phase the team carried out technical exercises. "Subsequently, work aimed at possession of the ball. Closure with a small field match. Allan and Mario Rui played part of the different training and part in the group. Ghoulam did personalized therapy and training. Meret worked in the gym. Manolas did not train for a feverish attack ".

17.24 – Callejon disputed at the end of the training – "You have to go!": With this unpopular phrase more than one Napoli fan has contested Jose Maria Callejon, at the exit of the Spaniard from San Paolo, where Napoli today trained in front of the public. Disputes continued outside and inside the plant, where 600 fans attended the training session of Ancelotti's team. Below is the video collected by our reporters:

16.16 – Training started, insults and whistles welcome the team – The training of the Napoli team began in about 20 minutes, in a rather particular climate. Inside the San Paolo, in fact, the protest against the (not many) fans present continues: the blue team has in fact made its entrance on the turf among the whistles (and insults) of the public rushed to the session.

15.35 – Training started. Few fans at San Paolo – The Naples open training session has begun, a session reserved for subscribers only (just under ten thousand). A few hundred fans are present at the moment in the Fuorigrotta plant.

15.00 – Team disputed outside San Paolo – "Respect". It is the banner outside the San Paolo stadium where the organized support is present, which is heavily disputing the team. "Go to work" and "Mercenary players the choirs that are at the moment the most popular.

2.45 pm – Napoli trains at San Paolo – Despite what happened in the last two days, the Naples yesterday confirmed the afternoon training at the San Paolo, open only to subscribers (neither to the other fans, nor to the press). The session will begin at 3.30pm.


7.16 pm – New press release from the Italian club – The waters in the Naples home do not calm down. A few minutes ago the blue club issued a new statement, this time concerning the withdrawal procedures (in fact rejected by the team): "With reference to the news that appeared today and in the last days concerning the withdrawal of the first team, the Company notes with surprise how some press organs have mistakenly described him as a "punitive retreat". President De Laurentiis – Monday November 4, us – had declared to Radio Kiss Kiss in a clear and unequivocal way: "This is a constructive and not punitive retreat".
A retreat, expression of the complex training modality, destined to bring back to the group of players the concentration and the necessary motivations on the eve of two important and delicate races ".

15.34 – Open training for tomorrow confirmed – Despite what happened in the last few hours, Napoli confirmed training at the San Paolo to be held tomorrow. At 15.30 the team led by Carlo Ancelotti will hold a session that will see all the fans who have signed up for the current season.

2.57pm – Ancelotti has also left Castel Volturno – Carlo Ancelotti left Castel Volturno after the release of the release. The Napoli coach and his staff were the last to leave the club's headquarters after the long telephone confrontation with Aurelio De Laurentiis after the morning training.

14.50 – The Naples reply has arrived! – The Company informs that, with reference to the behavior of the players of its first team yesterday evening, Tuesday 5 November 2019, it will proceed to protect its economic, patrimonial, image and disciplinary rights in each competent office. It is also specified that he has entrusted the decision-making responsibility for the execution of collection days by the first team of the coach of the same Carlo Ancelotti. Finally he announces that he has set the press silence until a date to be defined

14.00 – Ancelotti and his staff remained in Castel Volturno for a comparison with the company – Just like last night, coach Carlo Ancelotti and his staff were the only ones to follow the company's directives and remained in retreat at Castel Volturno. In this case, however, to confront the company on the incident.

13.45 – Avv.Chiacchio: "Here is what the players of Napoli risk" – Lawyer Edoardo Chiacchio, an expert on sports law, spoke of the risks faced by Napoli's players after the decision to mutiny the withdrawal imposed by the company: "Faced with the provisions of a company involving the contractual aspect, the player in as an employee, he is obliged to observe them, so if the company has the right to retire, the team is obliged to go into retreat and if it does not, it violates the contract and exposes itself to consequences. the procedure with a fine of up to 5% of the salary.The footballer can replace himself in this proceeding operated by the company and expose all his reasons, then there will be a dispute decided by the arbitration board.The position of the players of Napoli is compounded by the fact that technical and medical staff went to Castelvolturno last night ".

1.25pm ā€‹ā€‹- Naples's response soon – During the day, Napoli will issue a press release to say its own after what happened in the last hours.

13.08: all players have left Castel Volturno – All the athletes have left the sports center, with the senators Allan and Insigne, who were the first to show off yesterday in the confrontation with Edoardo De Laurentiis, the last to leave the blue Training Center. Carlo Ancelotti and Cristiano Giuntoli are still inside the sports center.

13.04: De Laurentiis, disappointed, stays at the Hotel Vesuvio – Aurelio De Laurentiis is disappointed and embittered by the team's behavior. It could not be otherwise after the autonomous choice of the team to abandon the withdrawal ordered by the club until the match with Genoa. Now, second Sky, the blue patron evaluates the right moves for the club. Contact with Giuntoli who is in Castel Volturno while the patron remains for now at the Hotel Vesuvio.

13.01: training report, Allan trains apart – The team split into two groups. Those who went into the field in the Champions League from the outset did discharge work. The other men of the squad, on field 1, began the session with a warm-up phase followed by a series of bulls. Then technical exercises and training aimed at possession of the ball. Closure with small field match. Personalized work for Allan. Personalized work and therapies for Ghoulam.

12.40: players leave Castel Volturno – First Manolas, then Lozano and Elmas: the players leave the Neapolitan sports center, as we anticipated. Withdrawn withdrawal, following the line set by the team. Part of the team seemed to want to stay in Castel Volturno, but yet another change of plans has arrived: all away, all at home.

12.17: withdrawal officially interrupted. Players at home after the session – At the end of the current training, all players of the Naples they will return home according to what we have gathered: the players arrived with their own cars and will not be available to the company and the technician after the conclusion of the morning session. Therefore, the withdrawal is to be considered interrupted. To evaluate those that will be chosen and moods by Carlo Ancelotti, taken from two outside: the revolting spirit of the team and the orders that come from the company, today represented only by the sporting director Giuntoli.

12.07: both De Laurentiis absent – Absent in Castel Volturno Edoardo De Laurentiis, like Aurelio, despite being the patron still in the city: chaos reigns supreme in Castel Volturno, to understand what will be the next moves of the company.

11.58: Allan the leader of the rioters – It would have been Allan the leader of the rioters last night, according to what we have gathered in these hours: the Brazilian midfielder, even before Insigne, would have faced Edoardo De Laurentiis, who at that time was the greatest exponent of the company given the absence of father, who had already left San Paolo, explaining to him how the team was not going to please the company on the withdrawal. And the rest is history.

11.34: there is even the risk of exemption for Ancelotti – Second Radio Mars, to make the big voice and put the group back to his orders, the president could even exempt coach Carlo Ancelotti, who, in turn, is reflecting on the next steps to take. According to the issuer, the technician is in fact charged an implicit permission to the team about yesterday's mutiny, after the words at the Reggiolo technician's press conference. That has returned to Castel Volturno last night, a late move however according to Aurelio De Laurentiis.

11.21: training begins at Castel Volturno – Training started at Castel Volturno, home of training at home in Naples, after the withdrawal of the team's decision yesterday which had no effect on today's program: all players, without exclusions, presented themselves at the training center this morning, to be at the disposal of Mr. Carlo Ancelotti.

11.01: Sky behind the scenes, Mertens was the first to leave the stadiumDries Mertens was the first to leave San Paolo and was closely followed by all the others, who chose not to appear in front of the cameras for post-match interviews, apart from Insigne who spoke at the final whistle on Sky Sport and Lozano which has issued some statements to the official website of UEFA.

10.50: De Laurentiis in Naples, but at the start – Aurelio De Laurentiis is still in Naples, although he already had a planned trip: it is possible that the patron decides, however, to postpone his departure to manage a situation that appears explosive right now and that certainly cannot pass without consequences for anyone.

10.28: Giuntoli also arrived in Castel Volturno – Cristiano Giuntoli, the team's sporting director, has also arrived at the Italian sports center: all members of the team have pulled straight without stopping in the space dedicated to the press and fans.

10.12: players arriving at Castel Volturno – The players, the last one intercepted is the Mexican Lozano, they are coming to a few spikes in Castel Volturno, home of the Naples training sessions. To understand what to do Napoli, which has not yet expressed itself on the behavior of players after Salzburg.

10.01: training restarts are scheduled for this morning – The team is expected in Castel Volturno for the morning session: the time is not known, but only that the recovery should take place in the morning. Of course to understand with what mood the team will return to the blue sports center and above all how the patron De Laurentiis will welcome them after what happened last night.

9.58: according to Rome, there would be a non-respected pact behind mutiny – Il Roma journalist Giovanni Scotto explains the reasons behind the clamorous decision of Napoli's players: "They mutiny because there would have been an unfulfilled pact to cease withdrawal in case of positive performance. Since yesterday they protest because they learned of the withdrawal only from the newspapers and asked for a meeting with De Laurentiis who did not go ".

9.51: Boca temptation for Ancelotti – The authoritative Fox Sports makes it known that Carlo Ancelotti could break free in December to train Boca Juniors, who is looking for a new coach given that, shortly, the current technician Alfaro will resign: in light of the hot climate in Naples , is not an option to be discarded a priori.

9.30am: an open-door training session is scheduled for tomorrow at San Paolo – Tomorrow, and this was confirmed by the press office yesterday, an open-door training session is scheduled at the San Paolo: a hypothesis that, after the turbulent night spent by the team and the club, certainly seems to be more complicated.

9.20: Ancelotti ponders a sensational gesture – The united team, from Insigne and Allan, up to Callejon, Mertens and Koulibaly, all opposed to the order given by the president, rebelled. It remains to understand what will happen today, when players will present themselves at Castel Volturno for training. De Laurentiis is unlikely to take action against the whole team, including the coach, says La Gazzetta dello Sport. And given the reports at historic lows, there is a real risk that Ancelotti can make a sensational gesture. But this is a hypothesis that the interested party will soon evaluate.

9.06: the hard confrontation between the team and Edo De Laurentiis – When the players chose to return home, De Laurentiis had already left. It was his son Edward who informed him. The vice president, according to the reconstruction of Republic, was confronted in the locker room with harsh tones by the group leaders, led by Captain Insigne. "We go back to our home, tell your father …" the thought of the Italian players, despite Ancelotti's attempt at mediation. Now, according to the newspaper, there is a risk of a sports "civil war", almost unprecedented at these levels.

8.56: the de version The morning – The crack is deep, much more than what Ancelotti wanted us to believe the other day. A clear split, with most of the team returning home last night, without going to Castel Volturno, as it was instead in the initial program. The voices inside talk about a kind of mutiny, certainly a unilateral decision by the group that was not initially authorized either by the club or by Ancelotti. The team was hoping for a turnaround after the peer in the Champions League but when he realized he wasn't coming, he would have put his feet up. A position not appreciated by the Reggiolo technician who decided to desert the post-match press conference, knowing that silence will lead to heavy fines by UEFA. In short, something that is very similar to a one-sided backward march, before the choice of imposing a prolonged enclosure as if it were a punishment. And that the team has not digested, has not understood, and has not accepted.

8.40: the events of last night – The result of the San Paolo, the 1-1 draw against Red Bull Salzburg, has already gone into the background, he did it from the moment in which, in the post-match, the club's press officer showed up in the San Paolo belly to announce that Carlo Ancelotti would not have presented himself at the press conference. The technician learned of the team's decision not to observe the retreat and return home, but he nevertheless headed to the Castel Volturno sports center, accompanied by his son and staff.

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