LIVE TMW – Brescia, Grosso: "Balo? I left those who sacrifice themselves in the field"


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LIVE TMW - Brescia, Grosso:

17.10 – In a few minutes Fabio Grosso will intervene in the press room of the Mario Rigamonti to analyze the 4-0 defeat against turin.

17.40 – Mr. Grosso's press conference has begun.

It was a nightmare afternoon.
"Surely it was not the debut that we all wanted, we started with a good approach. There have been so many episodes that have conditioned it. There are positive ideas, at the beginning of the second half there was a reaction of pride "It's a bad result, I can repeat to you what we said a few days ago. It will be a difficult challenge, but there are possibilities to do well."

How do you explain the change in Balotelli?
"I left available players for sacrifice. I recognize many qualities, but not that of defensive generosity. We had opportunities to reopen it, but it didn't go as we had imagined. We needed 9 players of movement who ran empty, this it is not a characteristic that belongs to Mario, but I think he understood it ".

Difficult to begin in a similar environment?
"I know it is a difficult situation, but for me it is beautiful and stimulating. I believe in the guys I have available, with work we will take away satisfaction".

What were the deliveries for Aye and Spalek?
"I tried to put Mario as a central reference. The team was contracted, he feels the responsibility of what he has to do. But it is a game so much conditioned by the episodes, but under two goals with one man less it becomes difficult".

Did Balotelli take the replacement badly?
"Normal, without any problems".

TMW – Was it a defeat marked by the mental aspect?
"It is a team that comes from a great ride. Corini has left a great memory. I know the pitfalls, our skill will be to find again the carefree, only in this way we will get out of the difficulties".

How do you analyze the choices?
"Today I do not address my choices on this path. When you find the central solidity you can also accompany the attack. In the span of 7-8 minutes go under and it is not easy to continue it. Many episodes have turned their backs on us, we go home disappointed and embittered ".

How will you deal with the coming days?
"The Serie A is a complicated championship, we must remain compact. Today it can be a great starting point for the future".

Wasn't it better to leave Balotelli?
"In retrospect we can do so many reflections. It could have been a solution, but I left the interpreters I decided to leave."

17.50 – The press conference of Fabio Grosso.

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