LIVE TJ – SARRI: "Ronaldo is not serious, but I don't know. De Ligt, positive tests. Bonucci indispensable. Underestimate Bernardeschi"


Maurizio Sarri, at a press conference, presents Juventus-Milan, scheduled for tomorrow at 8:45 pm at Allianz Stadium. brings you his words live.

I ask you about Milan based on the Moscow match. After Moscow he said that you had not defended well and was not satisfied with the attitude not in possession. What kind of tricks do they need after Moscow?

Milan is a good team that has not made a good initial phase of the season, but this counts up to a certain point because in the single match it remains a good team. We have to play with a different defensive intensity and to have it we need to be in the field in a slightly different way from the last game.

How is Ronaldo?

I still don't know because yesterday he was with physiotherapists. Let's see today what he can do, let's see tomorrow in the last training session as he is. I know he has nothing serious, just a little pain in his knee that a little during the game unbalances him from the point of view of support. But it has nothing particularly serious.

How is De Ligt's recovery proceeding?

We have two training sessions, let's see how he reacts. Yesterday he did some positive tests on the pitch, today he tries to be in the field with the team and we see the reaction.

In the 1990s, when it started, Milan was probably a referral point. What effect does Milan show you right now?

Milan is rebuilding and has all the difficulties of a construction. In football there are cycles, rebuilding to go to high levels is difficult for everyone. Milan is a team of good players, with young people who can have an important future. The bases are throwing them right, then how long it will take to get back to top levels I don't know.

How is Ramsey in which role convinces you the most?

He has important qualities, he can give so much in both roles. The modern playmaker is a midfielder, he can do it, but he can also do the inside in a solid midfield. From the inside we can consider an offensive interior, as a playmaker one that gives us more balance. However he can do well in both roles. How are you? Yesterday he did a fatigue workout, we see today how he reacts with more intensive training.

At this moment can the team do without Leonardo Bonucci?

The answer is inherent in my choices. If I thought the team could do without it I would have let it rest. Right now I think the team needs him from experience, personality and defensive organization, so he is asked for a huge sacrifice. I hope to be able to have him rest in the future, but in this first part it was crucial for us.

In which areas can this Juve improve?

I think first of all from an individual point of view. If three or four singles grow, the team can grow. We have margins also from the tactical point of view, because in the last game we have left some space too much and we made some mistakes in position.

Was Douglas Costa a playmaker, convinced her? Or is it better when it can start from the outside?

That can do it even as a playmaker. In Moscow it did well, it expanded because there was no space in the center. In the task of playmaker there is also that, going to look for space by external ways. We now need balance, we cannot afford a purely offensive playmaker. In fact, I think Bernardeschil's evidence has been underdeveloped from a tactical point of view.

Higuain. How are you? And these are his games, can he play the title?

Milan will have the poisoned tooth with him. That Gonzalo is a boy who needs strong motivation to do his best is clear and his story tells it. He is now well physically and mentally and it is at a time when he can give us and is giving us so much. He is doing it in the creation of game situations, I think he can do a little more in terms of implementation.

Aren't you going to retire today? And why has he chosen not to retire so many times this year?

We don't go to the retreat if the game is in the evening, if it's afternoon we go. The reasons are obvious. If by playing so much you can avoid spending less mental and nervous energy with withdrawals, you do it. However the withdrawal is optional and often different players are the same in the withdrawal.

What rating he gives to his Juve, also in light of a given: 5 times out of 8 he won a draw after 45 minutes. Is this also a team limit?

It depends on how you look at this situation. It is a limit and a force. The limit is that the team fails to disintegrate and close the games as the numbers would assume, the strength is that the team until the end wants victory and often found it. It is a limitation in this moment of mentality and a characterial strength. Votes? They didn't like it when they gave it to me, so I would do without it.

Has an idea been made about what is happening in Naples?

I had no idea. They are their problems, from 700 kilometers away I cannot afford to understand. However, there are important personalities like Ancelotti and Giuntoli who will be able to solve it.

Speaking of trequartists, there was also talk of Rabiot initially. Why didn't you see him in that role?

I see it more in the future as a low vertex than as an attacking midfielder. At the moment I didn't want to confuse his ideas because he is in an acclimatization phase. I put him to specialize in a single role, then when he is master we will see the alternatives. But in the pre-season he did the low summit a few times and did it well.

Naples and Inter are having internal problems while you apparently don't even have the means. Does it make you do some reflection?

No, because any problem that triggers can have positive or negative implications. Sometimes a good discussion, a situation to be solved, the groups cement them. It is not said that what is seen from the outside as negative is then negative. To say that Inter have problems, talking about a team that has made 28 points, seems excessive to me. Sounds like a good team to me.

The conference is over



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