LIVE TJ – SARRI IN CONFERENCE: "We fell well in a match that was not suitable for us. De Ligt held the wrong place, but set foot in the right place"


Maurizio Sarri, in a press conference, commented on the Bianconeri's success in the Mole derby. shows you the words of the Juventus coach:

It is the first derby to win. Emotions and thoughts?

I had won Sangiovannese-Montevarchi three times and for me it was an extraordinary derby, a serious derby.

How did you see Juve this evening? He waited for the right moment to hit Turin.

That the game assumed two or three different phases was predictable, as well as that the beginning of Turin would have been of great level of intensity and aggressiveness. The first goal was to handle this initial impact, then when it dropped in intensity we should have taken the game in hand and we did well in the second phase of the first half. Once you have taken it you have to close it, we missed the 2-0 two times. I am happy with the test, we found ourselves in a tough derby, of great aggression, not suited to our characteristics, but we were inside it and we resolved it. When a coach sees this he can only be happy, then a load derby came up, which can cost something in terms of quality and dribble, but is a consequence of the game that comes out.

The team has often played very high and sometimes suffered the high ball deep in Torino.

For me it is a compliment, if one tells me that I have a very high line I enjoy it, because that's what we try to do constantly. Maybe I was distracted, but it seems to me that the attack on the depth of the Torino strikers has never caused us problems. It seems to me that we have always run away at the right time and it seems to me that the defensive line, or rather the defensive phase, worked well tonight. Also because the offensive force of Turin is not negligible: it has physicality, accelerations, strikes in the penalty area. In the end it seems like a good defensive performance.

In the first half hour there was a bit of depth to the Juve attack, from here was Higuain needed to enter? And I wanted to ask you about Bernardeschi's adaptation to this role …

In the first half we searched the depth but from too far, with balloons that started from 70 meters and were therefore readable. The request was yes to attack the depth, but bringing the team closer to the opponent's goal. We lacked a little filling of the area, the feeling from the bench was that in the first half Dybala and Ronaldo were a little too far apart. Pulling out too much Dybala and getting too far off Ronaldo we had problems filling the area. Then there is also a speech of freshness. The problem is that we could have tired Dybala and Bernardeschi because they come from a series of long matches and Ramsey and Higuain rather short. We found this middle ground and rewarded us.

Can we begin to hear about a duel between Juve and Inter?

How much is 27×3? I wasn't good at math: 81? There are 81 points up for grabs … The ranking of tomorrow can already give a different idea. Maybe tomorrow Atalanta is approaching. It seems a little premature to me. I understand that for a journalist there is interest in immediately creating a head-to-head fight between two teams, but it seems to me early to think of cutting off the other teams.

It is the fourth episode in which De Ligt touches the ball. A case?

Yes, tonight he had his hand in the wrong place at the wrong time, but fortunately he had his foot in the right place at the right time.

Conference completed



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