Not the best Juve of the season wins in size against Milan and gets ter valuable points, which allow her to return to first place in the standings and overtake Inter again. A goal by Dybala decides, a great goal with the less noble foot of the Joya, the right one, after an excellent triangulation with Higuain. Paulo, by the way, entered instead of a ronaldo off and angry about the change. The Argentine among the best as Szczesny, author of at least four important speeches.

90 '+ 4 – It's over! Juventus beat Milan 1-0 and top the table.

90 '+ 4 – Juve opportunity. Still Dybala who brings the ball to the right and kicks into the goal; this time Donnarumma rejects in a corner.

90 '+ 4 – Juve counterattack, Douglas Costa tries to cross in the middle but Romagnoli intercepts with his head.

90 '+ 2 – Cross from the left of Theo Hernandez, Alex Sandro gives the corner. On developments, Szczesny locks in high.

90 ' – Double yellow in Milan; Calhanoglu warned for a foul on Alex Sandro and Suso for protests.

90 ' – 4 'recovery granted.

90 ' – Bentancur insisted action, ball to Higuain who kicks into the goal but the ball goes out.

89 ' – Theo Hernandez is booked for a foul on Dybala.

88 ' – Rebic again on the left, cross in the middle and this time Alex Sandro swept his head after De Ligt's wash.

87 ' – On developments, Rebic from the left serves the Leao center; the former Nizza checks and tries to serve Romagnoli lurking in the small area but the defense is saved. Then Bennacer's conclusion in the curve.

86 ' – Punishment for Milan from an interesting but concealed position on the left; kicks Calhanoglu and De Ligt concedes only the corner.

86 ' – Third change in Milan: out of Paqueta, in Rebic.

84 ' – Milan to the attack; Suso try from outside the area the conclusion rejected by the defense, on the rest of the action Calhanoglu kicks in the goal but Szczesny rejects this one too, conceding only the corner.

82 ' – Dybala, from a corner kick, shoots straight into the goal. Donnarumma rejects with his fists. On the rest of the action, Bonaventura shot down by Alex Sandro who risks yellow. Pardoned.

81 ' – Juve Action; Douglas Costa starts in Moscow-style speed, jumps three and serves Dybala. The Argentine then goes back to the Brazilian but the check is defective and the Rossoneri defense is saved.

79 ' – Milan tries to react with a conclusion from distance but Szczesny blocks.

77 '- JOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dybala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Argentine, served by Higuain, enters the area, controls the ball with his left and kicks his right into his lead.

76 ' – Mistake between Bonucci and Rabiot and ball to Bonaventura that tries to serve in depth Leao; Szczesny, however, anticipates the opponent in low output.

75 ' – Calhanoglu kicks directly in the goal but Szczesny rejects with good intervention.

74 ' – Punishment for Milan from about 22 meters and set back on the left.

73 ' – Bonucci retrieves the ball in midfield and tries to serve Douglas Costa but the Brazilian does not catch the ball that ends his run at the baseline.

72 ' – Bennacer tries to revive Milan's action with a pitch for a comrade who isn't there; De Ligt risks giving away the corner but Szczesny also foils this one.

70 ' – Third change in Juve: out Matuidi, injured, in Rabiot.

69 ' – Problems for Matuidi who, obviously, took a blow to his ribs. He throws himself to the ground and doesn't seem able to continue; it will be change.

68 ' – Milan's insistent action with Calhanoglu stopped by the defense and Bennacer blocked by Bentancur who then starts the Bianconeri's counter-attack action. Dybala, served, is centered and kicks into the goal but Donnarumma blocks.

67 ' – Second change in Milan: outside Piatek, inside Rafael Leao.

66 ' – Good Juve action; Pjanic serves Douglas Costa on the left; the Brazilian serves at the center Matuidi lurking at the edge of the area with the Frenchman who shoots at the goal. Sphere high on the crossbar.

65 ' – Try to light up Cuadrado in the right lane with a personal game but the Colombian is controlled by Calhanoglu and drags the ball to the bottom of the field.

62 ' – Still Milan on the attack, with Suso trying to serve at the Piatek center but the ball is too long and ends up directly at the bottom.

61 ' – Second change in Juventus: out of Bernardeschi, with some whistle, inside Douglas Costa welcomed by an ovation.

60 ' – First change in Milan: outside Krunic, inside Bonaventura.

59 ' – Duglas Costa is also warming up.

58 ' – Pasqueta serves Piatek in depth – perhaps – in offside; the Pole kicks into the goal and Szczesny rejects again.

57 ' – Cuadrado warned for having dismissed the ball.

56 ' – First ball touched by Dybala and service for Higuain in depth that kicks from a tight angle; ball out.

55 ' – First change in Juve: out Ronaldo, off and among the worst in the field, inside Dybala. The Lusitanian does not go to the bench but enters the locker room directly after shaking his head.

55 ' – Bonucci, a great intervention in advance and a re-launch to serve Bernardeschi on the breakaway; the former viola arrives on the court and crosses very badly marked by Duarte.

53 ' – Juve close to the advantage. Action cn Bernardeschi that serves as a heel on the left Matuidi; the Frenchman – with the right – tries to lap around the second pole. Sphere out of a breath.

52 ' – Juve's counterattack with Higuain, the Argentine serves as the center for Bernardeschi who kicks the goal from outside the area. Balloon out of a lot.

51 ' – Pjanic retrieves the ball in midfield and serves Ronaldo, but the Portuguese is still wrong, causing the ball to be stolen.

49 ' – Served Ronaldo, the Lusitanian is again stopped, this time by Conti. Meanwhile, the Dybala heating has started.

47 ' – Bernardeschi serves Higuain in depth with the Argentine who started very well but the lead is too long and ends up out of the ball.

46 ' – The second half started.

21:48 – The teams are returning to the field.

A very bad first half for Juventus, one of the worst seasonals. Even the shadow was clear but, at least, three clear goals for Milan, with Szczesny miraculous on at least one occasion. Another Juve will definitely serve in the second half. Matuidi certainly among the worst, like Bentancur.

45 '+ 1 – The first half ended at the Allianz Stadium: it's 0-0 at 45 '.

45 '+ 1 – Another danger of Milan; Piatek, served, enters the area from a tight angle and kicks into the goal. Szczesny still rejects.

45 ' – Granted one minute of recovery.

45 ' – Second yellow of the race: it is for Bennacer who stops Higuain.

45 ' – Milan still dangerous; Conti enters the area and crosses low backwards. The service is too long for everyone and the ball picks it up. Theo Hernandez kicks into the goal from about 25 meters; another difficult Szczesny parade that manages to deflect the angled conclusion.

44 ' – Again Milan who tries to graft Piatek in depth but also this time the attacker is unable to catch the ball with Szczesny who goes out to the edge of the area and blocks.

43 ' – Ronaldo's first ring. The Lusitanian receives the ball from outside the box and shoots on goal; Donnarumma blocks.

42 ' – Good play by Matuidi who then tries to cross from the left; the cross, however, is busted and ends directly outside.

40 ' – First yellow of the match: it is for Krunic, author of a bad slip on Bernardeschi.

39 ' – Suso kicks directly into the area and it's De Ligt – headed – to sweep.

38 ' – Penalty for Milan from the area, with a tight angle on the left.

35 ' – Milan in offensive projection, Calhanoglu and Paqueta get in the way a little, the Brazilian gets the ball and tries to serve Piatek but the touch is dirtied by Alex Sandro and the ball ends up directly in Szczesny's arms.

33 ' – Game stopped; Bentancur on the ground slightly injured.

31 ' – Milan to the attack; Hernandez, from the left, crosses to the center; ball to Calhanoglu which is anticipated in the area by Pjanic. It will be corner.

30 ' – Cuadrado serves Bernardeschi in the area, Milan's defense free; on the continuation of the action of the former Fiorentina at the height of the line but high ball on the crossbar.

28 ' – Juve's counterattack with Alex Sandro trying to fly away to the slightly left-wing goal; Romagnoli slipped, however, to avoid the worst for his family.

26 ' – Error of Theo Hernandez in his penalty, Juventus recaptures the ball and the ball ends at Pjanic on the edge of the area; shot of the Bosnian completely busted, however, and the ball in a foul out even.

26 ' – On the developments of the corner nothing of fact, with Bernardeschi to sweep definitively.

25 '- Miracle of Szczesny! Milan's insistent action, Bennacer serves Conti on the right of the penalty area, crosses towards the center for the perfect gala of Paqueta directed at the top corner. The Polish goalkeeper rejects in the corner.

22 ' – Higuain tries to serve Ronaldo in the penalty area, but Conti's defensive diagonal is good.

20 ' – Milan's insistent action that closes Juventus close to his penalty; the various attempts, however, are all rejected by the Juventus defense.

19 ' – Juve in attack; wrong cross of Bernardeschi, intercepted with the heel by Romagnoli, Piatek misses the support and the ball ends to Bonucci that tries to serve in depth Higuain. The Argentine, however, does not snap and the sphere ends up in Donnarumma's arms.

16 ' – AC Milan opportunity. Cross of Suso for Piatek; Bonucci makes a mistake and the Pole in front of Szczesny hits his head. His gossamer, however, ends up out. What a danger!

15 ' – On the developments of a corner, action on the left with Bonucci trying to cross in the middle; replied and new corner. Beaten by Pjanic, nothing.

14 ' – On the reversal in front, Ronaldo, on the right side of the field, serves for the imbucata of Higuain who tries a shot on goal from a tight angle and slides against Duarte; Donnarumma rejects with his feet and grants the corner.

14 ' – Error by De Ligt that pierces the intervention in front of Piatek, tries to take advantage of the Polish but Bonucci puts a patch in the area.

12 ' – Good intervention by Pjanic on Theo Hernandez who, with a lacio, tried to serve the spikes.

11 ' – Milan aims a lot on the game on the wings, trying to always serve the wings.

10 ' – Another attack action for Juve with Bernardeschi to serve Higuain for his inclusion in the area; Theo Hernandez, however, is a good guard and grants only a throw-in.

9 ' – Try to turn on Ronaldo ball and chain but Paqueta, perhaps with a foul, manages to snatch the ball from him.

8 ' – Higuain enters the area, sidelined on the right, low cross to serve Ronaldo but Conti anticipates everyone and sweeps.

7 ' – First minutes of Juventus brand game, with ball possession.

6 ' – The Juventus strikers are very mobile, often engaged in changing position to avoid giving reference points.

5 ' – Alex Sandro tries to serve Bernardeschi deep on the left wing but the former Fiorentina is offside.

4 ' – Good summary for Milan with the ball to serve Piatek in depth; Szczesny guesses and sweeps coming out of his penalty area.

3 ' – Bentancur's error in front of his penalty which triggers a potential danger for Milan; the last passage for Krunic, however, is the prey of the same Uruguayan who remedies.

2' – On the developments scheme that does not bring anything good.

1 ' – Immediately corner kick for Juve, earned after Romagnoli's advance on Bernardeschi.

1 '- Juventus-Milan has started.

20:45 – The two captains in front of the referee for the ball-field draw.

20:42 – The teams are entering the field.

20:41 – The hymn of Juve resounds.

20:40 – A play of lights at the Allianz with the speaker announcing the formations.

20:20 – Pioli carefully follows his team's warm up.

20:08 – Milan enters the field and Juventus is in the game, between the game of lights at the Stadium and the music shot to the maximum.

19:55 – VIDEO TJ – Applause for Juventus, boos for Milan when the teams arrive – (LOOK)


JUVENTUS (4-3-1-2): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Bentancur, Pjanic, Matuidi; Bernardeschi; Higuain, Ronaldo.
Bench: Buffon, Pinsoglio, Rugani, Danilo, De Sciglio, Can, Ramsey, Demiral, Rabiot, Khedira, Douglas Costa, Dybala
Herds Sarri

MILAN (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Conti, Duarte, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Paqueta, Bennacer, Krunic: Suso, Piatek, Calhanoglu.
Bench: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Calabria, Caldara, Gabbia, Biglia, Bonaventura, Krunic, Rebic, Leao
Alloli Pioli

19:42 –

19:40 – The arrival of Juventus:

19:35 – Teams arrive at the Stadium.

19:25 – As reported by Opta, tr the players with at least 20 dribbles attempted in this league, Ismael Bennacer is the one with the highest success rate (90%). Today the former Empoli should be the owner in the middle of the field.

19:15 – Milan will play with the Rossoneri shirt.

19:10 – According to Sky, Milan will eventually play 4-3-3, with Conti, Duarte, Romagnoli and Hernandez in defense; Bennacer confirmed in midfield, between Krunic and Paqueta. Forward Suso, Piatek and Calhanoglu.

19:07 – Juventus on the pitch with the first Juventus shirt.

7:00 pm – According to Sky, a couple of second ballots at Juve are resisting: Khedira-Bentancur and Bernardeschi-Ramsey.

18:40 – Soon the teams will leave their respective retreats to reach the Stadium.

18:30 – Paulo Dybala made six goals against Milan in Serie A; only against Lazio and Udinese did better (seven): five of these goals arrived in as many home matches against the Rossoneri (one per race). It is the statistic reported by Opta.

18:25 – Juventus has been proving to be a beast for Milan for some time now. As reported by Opta, in fact, the Juventus team has collected 36 points on the last 39 available in Serie A in the matches with the Devil: the only exception is the 0-1 at the Rossoneri in October 2016 (Manuel Locatelli network).

18:20 –

18:11 – BETWEEN LITTLE OPEN THE STADIUM GATES – Soon the gates of the Allianz Stadium will open and the first fans will begin to enter. Meanwhile, as regards the formation of Juventus, there do not seem to be any great doubts. In defense, in front of Szczesny, Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt and Alex Sandro should act. In midfield Bentancur is favored over Khedira to play with Pjanic and Matuidi. While Bernardeschi should move behind Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo.

17:37 – HIGUAIN FAVORITE ON DYBALA – Maurizio Sarri, tonight, will confirm the 4-3-1-2 and in attack there will be Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo. the Pipita is favored over Dybala. While on the trocar there should be the return of Bernardeschi.

17:19 – DE LIGT TOWARDS A HOLDER – Juventus has finished the afternoon rest and soon the team will have a snack. As for the training, we move towards a shirt for De Ligt who has lost the ankle problem.

16:09 – AMONG AN HOUR THE JUVE WILL BE REACHED FOR THE SNACK – In about an hour Juventus will finish the afternoon rest and the players will meet again to have a snack. The technical meeting, instead, will be only a few minutes before leaving the JHotel to go to the Allianz Stadium.

15:29 – BALLOTAGGIO KHEDIRA – BENTANCUR – Maurizio Sarri will be able to count on both Matthijs De Ligt and Cristiano Ronaldo for the match against Milan. The technician will field both tonight from the first minute. At the moment one of the training doubts concerns the midfield as Khedira and Bentancur are running for a starting jersey.

14:14 – JUVE HAS ENDED THE LUNCH – The players have finished their lunch and are now resting in their rooms in the JHotel. Meanwhile in Turin the sky is cloudy.


12:59 – 23 CALLED – Juventus, through its website, provided a list of those called up for the match against Milan: "8.45 pm: Juventus takes the field against Milan at Allianz Stadium. Here are the players called for the challenge of this evening.

1. Szczesny
2. De Sciglio
4. De Ligt
5. Pjanic
6. Khedira
7. Ronaldo
8. Ramsey
10. Dybala
11. Douglas Costa
12. Alex Sandro
13. Danilo
14. Matuidi
16. Cuadrado
19. Bonucci
21. Higuain
23. Emre Can
24. Rugani
25. Rabiot
28. Demiral
30. Bentancur
31. Pinsoglio
33. Bernardeschi
77. Buffon

12:49 – FINISHED FINISHING – Juventus has finished the morning finishing session and Sarri's list of players in the squad should be out soon and it will be clear how De Ligt and Cristiano Ronaldo are.

11:09 – MATT FINISH FOR JUVE – Juventus is carrying out the morning finishing in view of the match against Milan. Maurizio Sarri, in this training, will definitely test the conditions of Matthijs de Ligt and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both should be available but the definitive answer will be when the Bianconeri squad is sent. Tonight, the Tuscan coach will rely on 4-3-1-2: Szczesny will be in the goal. In defense on the right Cuadrado will act, in half space to Bonucci and De Ligt, while to the left there will be Alex Sandro. In midfield the ballot between Khedira and Bentancur is open, to complete the department there will be Pjanic and Matuidi. Bernardeschi, on the other hand, will act behind Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo. Pipita is favored on Dybala to support CR7.

Juventus (4-3-1-2): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, de Ligt, Alex Sandro; Bentancur, Pjanic, Matuidi; Bernardeschi; Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo.



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