LIVE MN – Pioli: "With Juve great opportunity. Ibra professional. Leao? I hope I learned"


The press conference of Stefano Pioli ends here.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo stop?

"It is difficult, it has so many possibilities to hurt you. We are talking about a phenomenon, a champion. We must be very careful against him, whoever is in the Ronaldo area must be very determined to give him little space. He is a great champion, among the greatest footballers of all time, his average goal is as impressive as his ambition ".

How is Conti recovering?

"I think we are fine physically, he has a good condition, indeed, he is one of those I found with the best condition. With Lecce he did well until the occasion of the penalty. He must be better at overcoming the difficulties of the race. player is going beyond the error. Defenders must stay inside the game for 90 minutes, have the characteristics and qualities to do well. "

What is missing in Piatek?

"We have to play a lot in the opposing area to enhance Kris's characteristics. In some games we did it quite well. First of all let's put him in a position to exploit the features."

What game will Juventus-Milan be?

"It is a great challenge, a great opportunity. This must be our attitude. The difficulties will be high, we must stay focused and attentive for 95 minutes."

Did you talk to Leao this week?

"I talked to him and showed him what he did and did not do with Lazio. He is aware of not having entered with the right spirit, I hope he learned his lesson and that his next performance is of another level" .

Does this team have enough quality to achieve the goals?

"I believe in the principles of the game, I have to be good at putting players in a position to express themselves at their best. The intensity must grow, only through short and high-intensity training sessions."

Is the experience lacking in Milan players?

"We are a young but not immature and inexperienced team. Inside the team there are professionals with important experience. Suso is a made player, like Romagnoli. Donnarumma is twenty years old but he is mature and aware. Reina. We must search for the results with great energy, these help the team to grow to be aware of its qualities. "

Capello said that only Leao and Theo are players from Milan …

"He is a great connoisseur of football and coach. To really judge a player I have to train him. We have more than one footballer who can be great."

Why doesn't Milan run more?

"The intensity makes the difference, I don't think that abroad they run more, the intensity changes. It is the culture that is different. In England it whistles less and leads less to protest. Also quality matters. Liverpool "The Champions League won not only for the race. If you manage to combine sacrifice and quality, you have more chances to win. Attitudes come before technical qualities, if we match them we can achieve results."

What Juve is that of Sarri?

"I saw the first two games of Juventus live. I think they were the only ones in which it was not as dominant on the field as it then became. It is a complete team, there are few weak points. It has physicality, it knows how to read situations, but they also have weaknesses. We must be good at highlighting them ".

The players are all with her. Has the fear been overcome?

"Players who vote for Pioli must win. Together we are stronger. They train well, prepare well. We are professionals and we are at Milan. If they push for me, they must push hard in the field."

What advantages can a three-person defense bring?

"When I make choices I look for advantages. We did it in the second half with Lazio. We have to be good on the pitch, we have to be aggressive, Juventus always makes the right choices. We have to know how to read all the situations. both a game system better than another ".

What do you expect from the fans?

"I ask him to continue to support us as they are doing. Against Lazio they have been with us until the end, they have tried to help us even in difficult moments. If there is someone who is not at fault at Milan now they are the fans."

Would Ibra serve this Milan?

"He is a great player and professional but the January market is very far away, there will be time for evaluations".

How is Suso doing?

"I saw it well in the week, it's available to play"

Tomorrow with the three-man defense?

"The training done to try situations, let's see which deployment to use tomorrow night".

How important would a success be in Turin?

"We need a lot, talking about turning is always difficult. What matters is the final classification, we are late and we have to make many points. Doing good tomorrow night would mean a lot, it's a very difficult challenge but we have to be ready to fight and not give up never".

Is there a remedy for errors?

"Four points are few, it is a regret that must give us more attention and attention to details. We played them all and we were at par, we were surprised in some episodes, they are all experiences that should make us grow. Tomorrow we face an opponent who will have to see us tinkering and playing on our qualities. With more technical precision and less errors we can find favorable situations. "

In recent years a gap has been created between Juventus and Milan, can it be managed head on in a game?

"I trust my players, they feel the situation and they have these convictions. The matches start 0-0, we play with the strongest team in Italy and among the strongest in Europe. Great challenges and great opportunities, we must play head-on" .

In a few minutes Stefano Pioli will speak at the conference on the eve of Juventus-Milan. Follow all the statements of the Rossoneri coach on our website and on our app.



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