74 '- Change in Cagliari: exits to applause Simeone, Cerri enters.

73 '- Fiorentina change: out Church, enter Ghezzal.

71 '- Cagliari now manages the ball, which however does not seem to have any intention of slowing down.

70 '- Simeon! Shooting from the distance of the cholito, which after a detour comes up not much.

69 '- Yellow for Nandez, which has long held Sottil.

69 '- Hunter! Pellegrini cross that arrives at the second post, where Cacciatore hits but sends the ball outside the net.

67 – Change in Fiorentina: outside Castrovilli, inside Benassi.

65 '- Belgian striker's goal, which from 25 meters frees the right that slips on seven. Dragowski does not reach us and Cagliari is 5-0.

65 '- CAGLIARI GOALS! Eurogol of Nainggolan.

63 '- Sottil! Shooting of the young viola with the left saved by Olsen, once again very careful.

62 '- Fiorentina tries a pattern on a free kick with the result of giving the ball to Cagliari.

60 '- Simeone! This time Dragowski opposes the close-up shooting of the cholito. Fiorentina is not there.

59 '- The "ole" left in the meantime from Cagliari fans, evidently satisfied with the performance of their players.

58 '- A truly disastrous Fiorentina at Sardinia Arena. The merits of Cagliari are obvious, but Montella's players are playing the worst game of the league.

56 '- Sottil he shoots right into the area, but shoots the conclusion in the corner.

54 '- Nainggolan retrieves the ball on baadelj, leads a perfect counterattack and puts Joao Pedro in the goal: the Brazilian with the right hits the post and then the ball goes into the net. Violets are on the floor!

54 '- CAGLIARI GOALS! He scored Joao Pedro.

52 '- Dalbert! Olsen's miracle! Shot from the left very powerful on which the Cagliari goalkeeper stretches in a plastic intervention. Let's see if Fiorentina now wakes up from torpor.

51 '- Badelj also a simple passage for Church is wrong. Fiorentina just does not want to enter the field …

49 '- Fiorentina is shown ahead, with a double cross from Dalbert and the Church blocked by the Cagliari defense.

47 '- The wind has also risen at the Sardegna Arena, and blows in the opposite direction to Fiorentina.

45 '- VIA! The second half also starts!

45 '- Fiorentina change: Lirola exits, Sottil enters.


45 '+3' – No other emotion in this first disastrous time for Fiorentina. The referee blows his whistle twice and sends the teams to the locker room.

45 '+1' – Nothing done: the referee whistles a foul on Simeone.

45 '+1' – Dalbert escapes to the left and is stopped by the corner of Cacciatore.

45 '- Assigned 3 minutes of recovery.

44 '- Church try the right to turn from inside the area after being freed from a large filter of Caceres. Not much high ball.

42 '- Yellow for Pulgar, who tries to recover Simeone with an intervention from behind but hits the Argentine. Pulgar was also distrusted and will miss the next match against Verona.

41 '- The game resumes.

40 '- Simeon remains on the ground after a ball from Pezzella. Game stopped at Sardinia Arena.

38 '- Pezzella! Shooting with the right on the development of a corner, but the Swede is opposed to the body making a great save.

37 '- It does not seem to want to stop the wave of Cagliari. The viola run like tops behind the red and blue combinations.

34 '- Fiorentina just did not take the field. Lightning counter-foot of Cagliari, with Nainggolan which first throws powerful, then recovers the ball rejected by Dragowski and serves it to Simeone that of heel is 3-0. Violent purple!

34 '- CAGLIARI GOALS! He also marked Simeon.

33 '- Dangerous cross of Pulgar, but nobody can touch the ball. Block Olsen.

32 '- Castrovilli free himself in the area and cross with the left: Klavan puts in corner.

30 '- Fiorentina is now trying to come out a bit, even though the Cagliari players seem to be going at double speed. A Badelj cross is not read by Pulgar, who otherwise would have been all alone in the area.

26 '- The defensive central rossoblu strikes all in the center of the corner on the development of a corner. Corner ball and Cagliari at 2-0!

26 '- CAGLIARI GOALS! Pisacane doubles.

25 '- What a risk for Fiorentina! Pezzella misses a back pass and gives the ball to Nainggolan, recovered providentially from Caceres in the area.

23 '- Church meanwhile he is not well: Sottil has gone to heat up.

21 '- Yellow for Castrovilli, intervened badly on Simeon. The purple midfielder was warned and will miss the next round.

20 '- Chiesa had been hurt on the occasion of Simeon's shot after a contact with Rog. The game restarts after a couple of minutes of pause for treatment at 25 purple.

18 '- Simeon! You do the whole ball and chain field by jumping over the viola like bowling pins, kick with your right and Dragowski rejects. Then on the ball Milenkovic is providential in anticipating Joao Pedro.

17 '- Goals confirmed. Cagliari is rightly ahead of Sardinia Arena.

16 '- A brilliant pass by Nainggolan frees Rog into the area: the Croatian shoots his right foot from close range and the ball ends at the corner. Only a few doubts about his position: the VAR is at work.

16 '- CAGLIARI GOALS! He signed Rog.

15 '- After the minute in memory of Astori, the game starts again.

14 '- Florentine Occasion! While the stadium celebrates Davide Astori, Pulgar cross in the middle of a tense balloon that is not hit by Pezzella from two steps and comes out of the door mirror by a whisker.

13 '- Castrovilli you make 30 meters with the ball at your feet and then you are stretched by a late intervention by Nainggolan, who also has the courage to protest. A good opportunity for Fiorentina.

12 '- Milenkovic had saved in slip up Simeone in the area, even though the Rossoblu striker was in an offside position.

10 '- Pulgar on the ground after a blow to the side by Rog. After a few seconds of pause, the game resumes.

9 '- We fight in midfield at this stage of the game, with Fiorentina trying to make themselves seen ahead.

7 '- Church goes to the shot from the edge, replied.

6 '- Finally Fiorentina recovered the ball thanks to an offside signal to Simeone. Let's see if Montella's players start playing.

5 '- An incredible start for the hosts, who are not showing Fiorentina ball.

3 '- Simeon! Miss the door cholito! Cross by Nandez and side by Joao Pedro for Simeone, who shoots out from close range. But Fiorentina is already in trouble!

2' – Still holding the ball in Cagliari: Fiorentina still failed to make the ball their own.

1 '- Immediately forward the hosts, first with Caceres that stops Nendaz, then with Pezzella that puts in a corner a very dangerous cross of Nainggolan.

0 '- VIA! Let's go to the Sardinia Arena! First ball played by Cagliari.

12.28 – At this time the two teams enter the field, led by the referees and their respective captains: Pezzella and Nainggolan.

The lunch-match of the 12th round of Serie A faces Cagliari is Fiorentina to the Sardinia Arena. Two teams that arrive at a different time. I rossoblu di Maran on the wings of enthusiasm, after the victory in Bergamo against Atalanta and without having lost since last September 1st. Violets by Montella instead they are getting back on track after the many absences suffered in the last two shifts, and in Sardinia they want to understand if we can aspire to something more than a season of growth alone. it will be as usual here to tell you all the emotions of the challenge: stay with us!

These are the official formations:

CAGLIARI (4-3-1-2): Olsen; Cacciatore, Pisacane, Klavan, Lu. Pellegrini; Nandez, Cigarini, Rog; Nainggolan; Joao Pedro, Simeone.

FIORENTINA (3-5-2): Dragowski; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Caceres; Lirola, Pulgar, Badelj, Castrovilli, Dalbert; Church, Vlahovic.



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