Lite to Dritto and Rovescio, Roman provokes Fagnani and Vauro shoots: Fascist, threatens a woman


Moment of questionable television a Straight and Reverse in the episode of 7 November. While on Canale5 Adrian's return was broadcast, in the transmission of Paolo Del Debbio racism and discrimination were discussed in stadiums as in cities. Guest in the studio is a man who calls himself Brazil and who on the social profile of the broadcast is described as a fascist. Verbal comparison with Francesca Fagnani seems to put him in trouble so that the tone immediately becomes exasperated: "She laughs, there is little to laugh about. Rome is not fascist, Rome is my home. In my hamlet there is order and discipline. You have to do what I tell you". Understandable the intervention of Fagnani who reacts by asking the man what film we saw, given the constant presence of the police in the area. "No movies"Answers Brazil"I'll show them to you".

Vauro Senesi and the quarrel that threatens to degenerate

Among the guests there is the cartoonist Vauro Senesi that, having recorded the tone of open provocation of the Roman, he approached it threateningly, stopping a few centimeters from his face: "Show me the films, bundle of mer **. These are threats. Shame on you! Threaten a woman". To annoy him is not only the tone used with Fagnani but the general meaning of his speech that led him to describe as "his" a township in Rome, a place in which to behave according to previously defined schemes, it is not clear on the basis of what authority .

Del Debbio's intervention is an assist to Fagnani

It is the intervention of the conductor Paolo Del Debbio to bring the order back to the studio. The journalist brought Vauro back to his place, asking him to let Fagnani answer: "Either you recover or I'll throw you both out. He didn't threaten anything. Fagnani defends itself. She is used to attending the Swords". "I'm used to Casamonica”Confirms the host of Beast, thus specifying that he had no difficulty in managing Brazil. Otherwise called Brasiliano, the man who provoked the understandable fury of Vauro is Massimiliano Minnocci of the hamlet of Pietralata.

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