Listen to TV | Thursday 7 November 2019. Adrian Live stopped at 15.41%, Adrian 10.44%. A Step from Heaven 19.95%. Carra drops to 4.65%


TV adrian plays 7 November 2019

Adriano Celentano

On yesterday evening, Thursday 7 November 2019, on Rai1 the fiction A Step from Heaven 5 won 4,407,000 spectators, equal to 19.95% of share. On Channel 5 – from 9.39 pm to 10.44 pm – the first episode of Adrian Live – This is History received in front of the video 3,869,000 spectators, equal to 15.41% of share (1 minute presentation: 3.675.000 – 14%; contacts: 8.643.000), while Adrian obtained 1,859,000 spectators and 10.44% (Adrian Highlights: 1,062,000 – 9.63%). On Rai2 Maleficent it involved 1,635,000 spectators, equal to 6.56% share. On Italy 1 Sherlock Holmes entertained 991,000 spectators (4.52%). On Rai3 To Tell You Start with Vittorio Sgarbi it received 1,116,000 admissions ahead of the video, representing a 4.65% share (31-minute presentation: 955,000 – 3.61%). On Rete4, the program by Paolo Del Debbio Straight and Reverse totals an a.m. of 1,162,000 spectators with a 6.41% share. On La7 A clean sweep registered 819,000 spectators with a 4.16% share. On TV8 Borussia MOnchengladbach vs Roma dthe Europa League scores 1,363,000 spectators with 5.41%. On the Nine Fault of the Stars has collected 315,000 spectators with 1.43%. On Sky Uno the third live of X Factor 13 marks 702,000 spectators with 3.05%.

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Amadeus uses Fiorello's tow to do better than him.

On Rai1 – from 8.35pm to 8.53pm – Viva Raiplay obtained 5,625,000 spectators with 22.32%. From 8.57pm to 9.35pm, Usual Unknowns gets 5,881,000 spectators with 22.37%. On Channel 5 Strip the News records an average of 4,370,000 spectators with a share of 16.75%. On Rai2 TG2 Post got 940,000 spectators with 3.58%. On Italia1 CSI Miami registered 1,256,000 admissions with 4.91%. On Rai3 That's love collects 968,000 spectators with 3.92% while the soap A Place in the Sun has attracted 1,583,000 spectators equal to 6.13%. On Rete4 Italy tonight gathered 1,176,000 individuals to listen (4.68%), in the first part, and 1,157,000 spectators (4.41%), in the second part. On La7 Half past eight involved 1,553,000 spectators (6.03%). On TV8 Guess My Age entertained .000 spectators with%. On the Nine Deal With It – Stay in the Game has collected .000 spectators with%.

early evening

On Rai1 Heritage – The Challenge of the Seven obtained an average audience of 3,392,000 spectators (20.31%) while The legacy has collected 4,782,000 spectators (23.45%). On Channel 5 Free Fall – Start the Challenge collected 2,580,000 spectators (16.09%) while Free fall involved 3,86.000 spectators (19.55%). On Rai2 NCIS it collected 594,000 spectators (3.19%), in the first episode, and 1.016.000 spectators (4.44%), in the second episode. On Italia1 Open Studio Mag reported 692,000 admissions (3.91%). CSI Miami totaled 693,000 spectators (3.16%). On Rai3 Blob scores 1,073,000 spectators with 4.59%. On Rete4 Love storm gathered 895,000 individuals to listen (3.99%). On La7 Josephine Ange Gardien 249,000 spectators were enthusiastic (1.48% share). On TV8 Cooks and Flames collects .000 spectators with%.

Daytime Morning

On Rai1 One morning gives good morning to .000 viewers with%. The first part of Italian stories has obtained .000 spectators (%). On Canale5 Morning Five entertained .000 spectators (%), in the first part, and .000 spectators (%) in the second part. On Rai 2 Radio 2 Social Club has collected .000 spectators with%. On Italy 1 Bones gets a listen of .000 spectators equal to the% of share. On Rai3 Agora convinces .000 spectators equal to the% share. Following Send me Rai3 marks .000 spectators with%. On the Net 4 A Detective in the Lane records an average of .000 spectators (%). On La7 Omnibus realizes an a.m. of .000 spectators with%. Following Coffee Break has informed .000 spectators equal to%.

Daytime Noon

On Rai1 the second part of Italian stories got viewers (%). The cook's test has collected .000 spectators with a% share. On Channel 5 Forum reaches .000 viewers with%. On Rai2 Your Facts collects .000 spectators with%. On Italy 1 Bones collects .000 spectators with%. Sport Mediaset got .000 spectators with%. On Rai3 All Health has affected .000 spectators with%. The TG3 of 12 has obtained .000 spectators (%). How many stories has collected .000 spectators (%). On Rete4 Italian recipes has collected .000 spectators with%, in the first part, and .000 spectators (%), in the second part aired after the news. Murder, she wrote He obtained. 000 (%). On La7 The Air that Pulls affects .000 spectators with% share in the first part, and .000 spectators with% in the second part called ‘Today’.

Daytime Afternoon

On Rai1 Come to me has convinced .000 spectators equal to% of the audience. There Direct Life has collected .000 spectators with%, in the presentation, and .000 spectators with%. On Canale5 Beautiful has enthused .000 spectators with%. A life has convinced .000 spectators with a% share. Following Men and women got .000 spectators with%. The secret has obtained an average audience of .000 spectators equal to the% of share. Afternoon Five company was attended by a thousand spectators (%), in the first part, .000 spectators (%), in the second part, and .000 spectators (%) in the last part of short duration. On Rai2 No sooner said than done has collected .000 spectators with%. Cobra Special Team 11 gets .000 spectators with%. On Italia1 the appointment with The Simpsons has collected .000 spectators (%), in the first episode, .000 spectators (%), in the second episode, and .000 spectators (%), in the third episode. The series The Big Bang Theory marks .000 spectators (%), in the first episode, and .000 spectators (%) in the second episode. Lethal Weapon has enthused .000 spectators with%. On Rai3 the appointment with the news of the TGR was followed by .000 spectators with%. Commissioner Rex has collected .000 spectators (%). Waiting for Geo … marks .000 spectators with%. Geo has registered .000 spectators with%. On Rete4 The Forum Desk was followed by .000 spectators with%. On La7 Tagada has affected .000 spectators (% share). On TV8 Cover Screw has collected .000 spectators with%.

Second Evening

On Rai1 Door to door was followed by .000 spectators with a% share. On Channel 5 TG5 Night has totaled an average of .000 spectators equal to a% share. On Rai2 Battute, it shows 100,000 spectators with%. On Rai 3 Illuminate dedicated to Virna Lisi marks .000 spectators with%. On Italia1 is seen by. 000 spectators (%). On the Net 4 was chosen by .000 spectators with a% share.


Hours 13.30 .000 (%)
Hours 20.00 .000 (%)

Hours 13.00 .000 (%)
Hours 20.30.000 (%)

Hours 2.25 pm (%)
Hours 19.00 .000 (%)

Hours 13.00 .000 (%)
Hours 20.00.000 (%)

12.25 pm (%)
6.30pm (%)

12.00 .000 hours (%)
6.55 pm. (%)

Hours 13.30 .000 (%)
Hours 20.00 .000 (%)

Auditel data by bands (share%)

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