Liliana Segre's children are "more peaceful" now that she has an escort


Luciano Belli Paci, the son of life senator Liliana Segre, spoke with Republic of the recent decision by the prefect of Milan to assign Segre an escort, following the many insults and threats received online. Belli Paci thanked the Milanese authorities and explained that now Segre's three children feel "more peaceful": "my mother still went around very much, using public transport", he added: "He always tried to keep an absolute normality in his lifestyle, for this perhaps it is good that there is always a presence of the carabinieri at his side ».

Segre is 89 years old and was named senator for life by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in January 2018 for "for having illustrated the homeland with very high merits in the social field". As a child she was expelled from school for racial laws and in 1944 she was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp where she remained for about a year before being released. For decades he has been committed to telling the Holocaust to the new generations: for his commitment and his proposal to set up a parliamentary commission against anti-Semitism and racism, he has been the object of ever increasing threats for some time (he said he received an average daily of 200 hate messages on social networks). Last Tuesday, members of Forza Nuova, a far-right neo-fascist party, had displayed a banner against her in Milan, near the theater on Via Fezzan, where the senator was speaking in front of 500 students.

In recent days Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League and former Minister of the Interior, has said publicly that he respected Segre and that he intends to meet her privately to confront her, but he strongly criticized the proposal to set up a commission for anti-Semitism and racism explaining that "in Italy there are no fascists", but only "millions of Italians proud to be Italian, who demand respect for our history and for our culture". On another occasion he stressed that he also receives "daily" online threats.

Already in 2018, the increase in hate comments against Segre led to the opening of an investigation by the magistrate's anti-terrorist team Alberto Nobili, to try, among other things, to trace the anonymous authors of the insults.

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