Liliana Segre to the carabinieri: "We must never feel ashamed for being Italian"


"I'm ashamed at this moment to be Italian." "No, this never." She tells the embarrassment expressed to Liliana Segre and the love response to her country that gave her, in spite of everything, the senator for life, Mrs. Maria Maddalena Maran. She came from Padua to Milan yesterday for an exhibition at the Palazzo Reale. And it is not far away, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which meets Liliana Segre, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau, who lived in the Italy of the racial laws and deportations, forced into that of today, at 89, to have an escort. "I saw her by chance – says Mrs. Maran -, it was an honor and it came naturally to me to express her solidarity. I encouraged her not to give up. "


Yesterday is the first day of the senator for life protected by two carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Milan. She takes them by the arm and, with them at her side, never stops carrying out her always busy schedule. At 10.30 it is at the Museo della Scala for the preview of the exhibition on the stages of the famous Theater. He sits in the front row, speaks with the curator Pier Luigi Pizzi, visits the exhibition which is also a story of Milan. In one picture, she is there. She is asked what effect makes her meet again between people like Toscanini. "In these days – he says – absolutely nothing. Maybe a few years ago … ». These days. The days of the hundreds of hate messages via social, of the center-right abstention to "his" Commission against Racism, of the banner of Forza Nuova appeared in Milan near the theater where he was speaking to over 500 students. "I'm tired, I need to rest," he admits from the Scala exit. The last few weeks have been heavy even for a tenacious woman like her. However, he finds the strength for a joke: "Photograph the beautiful girls, not me," he smiles. She doesn't really lack strength: Liliana is sweet and proud at the same time, an example of dignity always. "I saw the strength of the impossible", he recounted several times in his testimonies: the strength of wanting to live, even where humanity had lost itself. And so here it was yesterday, after the show, taking a short walk in the Galleria, in the heart of his Milan.

1944: the indifference of Milan

Milan, which was indifferent in January 1944, when 13-year-old San Vittore Liliana was transferred to Track 21 and deported from there on a cattle car. Now in several they stop it. She herself stops at the Libreria Rizzoli Duomo. "She is a customer – explains an employee -, we are more than ever happy to see her here right now". In the center, although it is a rainy day, there is no shortage of tourists. In addition to Mrs. Maria Maddalena, they shake hands with Senator Rosario Carbone and Lucia Biondi, husband and wife on a trip from Catania. And by chance there is Gastone Gal, from the National Association of ex internets (Anei). He also from the Veneto, says: "I invited the senator to Abano and Montegrotto". Towards lunchtime Liliana returns to her home in Milan. The carabinieri come up every now and then in front of the door and seem to live that time with her like an opportunity. We try to guarantee her routine as much as possible, a normality. In the afternoon the senator meets some journalists for an upcoming documentary, then stays at home looking for tranquility. "The commander Luca De Marchis has given my mother extraordinary dedication," says Luciano Belli Paci, one of Liliana Segre's three children. "It was not she – he explains – who asked for an escort. She is a very independent lady, but she made the decision well. This protection was organized in a respectful way and my mother has a beautiful relationship with the Weapon: not even a year ago over a hundred young carabinieri had come to the Holocaust Memorial to listen to her testimony ". "We are relieved and grateful for the escort to my mother", adds Alberto Belli Paci, the eldest son of the senator: "I was very worried. My mother, as a simple witness to the Holocaust who went to school alone to tell her story, has become a real symbol and this has inevitably led to her being more exposed. Recently I felt the climate change and it is painful to see her, who has always protected us even as teenagers, being threatened at 89 ". Yesterday Matteo Salvini said he also received threats every day. "A fortiori – note the senator's children – the Commission promoted by our mother is useful".

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