Liliana Segre, Salvini denies the meeting: "There will be, but later". Franceschini: "25 million reactivated for Ferrara's Jewish Museum"


Matteo Salvini denies meeting the senator for life on Friday evening Liliana Segre, victim of threats and offenses on social media that justified the choice of the prefect of Milan, Renato Saccone, in agreement with the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, to entrust it with buffer stock. The former owner of the Interior Ministry, to the microphones of the journalists who met him on his arrival in EICMA, denied the news released by Tgr Lombardy: "I meet them as I communicate them. The meetings that I do not communicate, as far as I am concerned, are not there ”.

The political leader of the Northern League however, he declared that a meeting with the 89-year-old survivor of the Shoah will take place: "I will meet the Segre later. I ask. When will it happen? Soon ”, he continued, not anticipating the topics of the interview. "I listen, she is an extremely intelligent woman. I am young, I want to understand, to learn and to listen ”. Salvini maintains the same approach even when he is asked for an opinion on commission against hatred and discrimination which takes the proper name of the senator for life: Segre "will make his choices regardless of what Salvini suggests. I think she is an extremely intelligent woman, so she absolutely doesn't need my advice ".

Then, as already mentioned in recent days, he also remembers being a victim of threats: "I just arrived another bullet. I do not cry. In a civilized country we should not risk neither I nor Segre ". And to those who asked him if even the Alloy will take to the streets in support of the senator in the demonstration of the mayors of 10 December, a Milan, he replied: "Yes. When there is something democratic about the future we support it. The debate between fascism is Communism, who are buried by the past, I'm not passionate about ".

Franceschini: "25 million euros restored for the Jewish Museum of Ferrara"
The Segre affair also had other consequences within the government. In an interview withHandle, the minister of culture, Dario Franceschini, he anticipated that funding from 25 million euros for the Meis, the Museum of Judaism of Ferrara: "We owe it to Liliana Segre – she said – To you personally and to what you represent. Knowledge is the best antidote against hatred and intolerance".

The financing had been cut by the previous government, despite, the minister explains, it was necessary for the completion of the museum: "The National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Holocaust – recalled Franceschini – was established by a law by the Parliament in 2003. During the last government the funding of 25 million euros necessary for the completion of the Museum had been dropped. But such an important idea cannot be left in the middle, which is why, through a reformulation of the Funds for Development and Cohesion of the Ministry, we have recovered the financing that had been canceled ”.

The law referred to by Minister Franceschini, who was the first signatory, is 91 of 17 April 2003 which provides for the construction of a cultural center in Ferrara to testify to the events that characterize the two thousand year old Jewish experience in Italy and to make known the life, thought and culture of Italian Judaism from its origins to the present, including, with special attention, the period of persecution and the Holocaust in the specific experience of Italian Jews.


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