Liguori: "Di Maio is in disarray but Zingaretti is no exception"


For the 5 Star Movement these are difficult times: for the first time the Rousseau platform has seen the grillina base rebel to the line of the tops who were hoping for an electoral break to reorganize, if only to avoid repeating the flop of the vote in Umbria. Contrary to expectations, 70% of activists chose to run also at the next regional level.

After the platform's verdict, many have abandoned the leader of the M5S Luigi Di Maio, from Roberta Lombardi to Paola Taverna, while someone makes the name of Alessandro Di Battista as his successor. Wednesday, Di Maio will meet with members of the Movement's parliamentarians, but the most important date is that of the regional ones, scheduled for next January 26th.

"Di Maio is in disarray but Zingaretti is no different"comments the director of TgCom24, Paolo Liguori, from the study of "Tonight Italy". "Because if the 27 should lose the elections in Emilia I am sure that it would be more trouble for him. Of Maio certainly is not well, because otherwise the G20 would have gone, is the Foreign Minister … When I say that there is it is government I mean just that: if the foreign minister does not go to the G20 because he has internal problems, then for me there is no government.

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