Let's take the victory, but the problems remain


The three points of Brescia served as water to a plant that is withering, but it is clear how much the sun that this team is far from having solved its problems. The bombastic 4-0 to the swallows will make a quiet stop a Mazzarri, even if the match with Inter at the resumption of the championship is not the ideal commitment to continue on the path of growth and could rekindle evils that are trying to heal. Winning for this Toro's asphyxiated ranking was vital and even if the high score is moral, some aspects of Brescia's performance leave the feeling that Mazzarri still has a lot to do to get his team to return to making him return Last year.

He is a Taurus who does not know how to violate Murphy's law …

I don't understand if the coach's goal is to play with 3-4-3 and Falque's injuries in the series and the effort that Verdi is making to get in has hindered this project. It is certain that his slavish insistence on the 3-5-2 (or even more often on the 3-5-1-1) does nothing but make the attack maneuver less incisive without having in exchange, and it is the numbers that say it, a clear and reliable defensive solidity. Now, in yesterday's game the change Berenguer allowed to put on ice a result that, even though Brescia were in ten men, risked reopening in the first half of the second half. It is also true, however, that the game could have been played with Berenguer and Verdi in support of Belotti since the start of the race and maybe we would have seen a more proactive and varied game on the attack front. Because in the end the real problem (it is not only this year but also the last one masked but with very good results) is precisely the inability to develop dangerous attack plots. The mere possession of the ball that we often do has no value if it is not accompanied by the construction of scoring opportunities. And to build scoring chances serve an offensive mentality and good feet from midfield up. It is a mystery how this rose is peppered with wings (Falque, Verdi, Berenguer, Edera, Millico, Parisians and also Laxalt adapted) and yet it is played with a pseudo-trequartista (Verdi or Falque who do not give their best in that position or even worse the adaptations of Baselli, Ansaldi, Meite or Lukic): there is something that does not return to this tactical misunderstanding. Rather better a 4-4-2 masked with Zaza and Belotti and two wings a more offensive (Falque, Verdi or Berenguer) and a more defensive (Ansaldi or Laxalt). In short, from the outside to the daily events of the team, I do not understand why it does not point to an established tactical evolution that the "old" 3-5-2 cannot give much. Einstein said that it is difficult to think of having different results if you always do the same things without trying to change the way you do them. It seems to me an excellent summary of the current moment of Taurus. Mazzarri favors the idea of ​​reacquiring the old certainties without beating the road of wanting to generate new ones and maybe even more effective and profitable ones. Every week the Philadelphia is closed, very few things are said at the press conference "so as not to benefit the adversary" and then in the field we see the same Toro of the last two years, a Taurus that any amateur Match Analyst knows by heart. Let alone a match analyst of a club of Serie A. Our coach feels tenderness when he tries to cover these tactical "secrets" like not even Area 51 Americans do!

Football: there is talk of more changes, but a change would be necessary. Of course

The Philadelphia it should be an added value, not a problem. Already a predecessor has had a lot of money thrown away for the protective tarpaulin structure so as not to "spy on" the training, without understanding that it is ridiculous to hide when the analytical skills of modern football are so high that no tarpaulin or closed door can prevent opponents from getting to know a team and its characteristics. Rather a magical place like Philadelphia should be used to its advantage. The confrontation with the fans should be a stimulus and not a psychological burden just as the training sessions should always be open, perhaps not in its entirety, but in part yes. Mazzarri has been in Turin for two years, he has done a lot, he must acknowledge it, but he has a slip on Chiellini and the Fila question is showing he has not yet figured out what emotional gold mine he has been sitting on since he took the bench of Turin. Everything evolves, it is the essence of all life on this planet. We look forward to that of Mazzarri, especially if it is combined with the peculiarities of the grenade world.

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