"Let's roll up our sleeves with the right head"


NEWS MILANAlessio Romagnoli, defender of the Rossoneri, spoke to the microphones of "Sky Sports"At the end of the match Juventus-Milan all 'Allianz Stadium of turin. These are the declarations of Romagnoli:

On the outcome of the match: "I'm sorry we didn't make it. The result counts in the end, rightly. And the bitter remains in our mouth ”.

On the beautiful race tonight: "One must have the strength to face all the matches as finals, we are aware that in Serie A every game is difficult. At the beginning we missed this, we did not face the "easy" races with the right head. Now we roll up our sleeves to get back on course. We expect Naples, it will be difficult. We must change our course completely ”.

On the leaderboard: "It is still early to make budgets, the important thing is to roll up our sleeves in every training session to start making results from the next races".

On the goal by Paulo Dybala: "When goals are conceded there is always an error. They came a bit too easily to the edge of the area, when the ball arrived in Dybala I tried to go out, but we were flat, I was too tall, he was good at jumping over me and finding the goal ".

On Juventus: "It's strong, when you have these great champions every ball is likely to score. Today we did well to defend ourselves very well, Juve is one of the strongest teams in the world. Having these samples helps. " For the report cards of the Rossoneri players for this Juventus-Milan matchAllianz Stadium: read on >>>

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