Let us not be contaminated by evil


It is the day of mourning ad Alexandria, where in the Duomo the solemn funeral of A began at 11 o'clockntonino Candido, Marco Triches is Matteo Gastaldo, the three firefighters died Tuesday in a farmhouse explosion a Quargnento. A crowd of colleagues, family members and citizens, who had already greeted the firemen-heroes at the funeral home opened at the Provincial Fire Brigade Command, welcomed the three coffins waiting for the funeral with great applause. Above the coffin the helmet of the three victims and their photo. Young and not so young, so many parents with their children, they cried "our heroes", as the great writing made in a red heart at the entrance of the barracks had defined them.

Dead firefighters a Quargnento: "Pain that grips us like a cape"

Don Guido Gallese, bishop of Alexandria, during thehomily during the solemn funeral of the three firefighters he said: "This pain like a cloak has gripped us all for days. Human words are not enough to give a sense to what happened. The only word that consoles is that of the Lord. He is the key to reading history, as the book of the Apocalypse teaches us and the story of the seals. The mystery of our life is that until the Lamb slain in this world returns, good coexists with evil. It is a mystery before which we find ourselves. In this moment of pain we choose the love of Jesus, the only one who can heal the wounds so as not to be swept away by evil and by despair. Faced with every twist in this world and in this life, our strength lies in not getting contaminated by the tares ".

Fire brigade funeral live on Rai 1

There running commentary of the ceremony is transmitted in live on Rai 1. Also present high charges of the State, including the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico, the premier Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese. There are also many children from local schools who arrived with their teachers. Even the foreman entered the cathedral, greeted by applause and escorted by his companions Giuliano Dodero, one of the two firefighters injured in the explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse.

Investigations in progress: "Who did it, did it to kill"

Meanwhile, the continue investigations of the carabinieri. The open file is for multiple homicide. At the moment there are two cylinders seized by investigators in the rubble. "To better understand what happened and who committed the deed, more people are still being heard," said prosecutor Enrico Cieri, who has no doubts about the fraud. "It is clear that the gesture – adds the magistrate – is not framed in neighborhood resentments, but is much more serious. Who did it, he did it to kill".

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