Lerager elbows high, referee and Var is not intentional but …


Moviola Napoli-Genoa, the Azzurri lack a penalty! Journal: Lerager touches high, for referee and Var is not intentional but ...

The Napoli-Genoa slow-motion 0-0 by La Gazzetta dello Sport: according to the rosy Lerager's touch with the elbow was a clear penalty

Very latest Napoli football – The match against Genoa ends 0-0, but the Azzurri lack a penalty according to the slow motion proposed by today's edition of Journal of Sport and that we propose below.

Moviola Napoli-Genoa Gazzetta dello Sport

  • On the 2nd minute Insigne finds the goal but the game is still: Lozano he was offside
  • At 58 ' Mertens kick on punishment, Lerager in barrier he jumps and touches the ball with his arm in front of his face, for referee and Var is not intentional, seeing him again with a high elbow is more yes than not
  • 89th ' Radovanovic duel with Of Lorenzo that enters the area and goes down, the referee lets play, the evaluation of the contact seems correct

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