Lecce, Sticchi Damiani: "Result conditioned by referee choices"


Lecce, if they play with Lazio, then in the end the highest quality of the Biancocelesti comes out even if President Sticchi Damiani has some regrets

of Postponement Editorial

Lecce coming back empty-handed from the Olimpico away match. In some ways a piece of news, considering the external performance of the Giallorossi who played it on a par with Lazio and remained alive until the last. The team has never lost the initiative. There remains the bitterness for Lapadula's goal canceled at 2-2 but overall Lazio appeared to be superior.

VAR – President Sticchi Damiani analyzed the situation on Sky Sport microphones, pointing out the episode: "Today we deserved much more. I believe that the result is profoundly conditioned by the arbitration choices. Some interpretations of the regulation have been bizarre". Lapadula's draw was denied by the VAR. A bitterness that remains. "There are three Lazio players entering the area, the penalty kick is to be repeated. The rule governs the case: if the players of both teams enter the area, the penalty repeats. If the practice says the opposite, then the rule must be changed. We were in Rome with 4 thousand fans, it is difficult to explain and talk about practices".

ASSIGNED – However, the penalty kick could not even be awarded. "I pose a different problem. The rigor is imaginative, but the episodes are offset. I leave the interpretation to you. I talk about rules that apply or not. This is a glaring mistake. The two penalties, both ours and that granted to Lazio, can be questionable. I think it's a shame, Lecce played a fantastic game and we talk about regulatory quibbles, maybe soccer has too many rules".

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