Leao change attitude. No more prejudice about Bennacer and Krunic. Market, business stop with Juve. The Kessie case …


Tonight's match against Juventus is definitely prohibitive, but the team still needs to give answers to its fans. You may lose, but in case no one will have to scold you. The message is to the players, who must take their responsibility and show that they really keep the jersey they are wearing. I know they may sound like phrases, but the concept for someone is perhaps not so obvious. Thinking back to the defeat against Lazio, I like to emphasize on all the attitude of Bennacer, Krunic and Castillejo: three players who have not played much until now, but who have shown a desire and a professionalism that others have missed. In particular, Leao entered the field very badly, almost as if he were playing soccer among friends, moreover listless. The Portuguese cannot rely only on his qualities: they are not enough unless accompanied by the right attitude. In the week the comparisons with Niang were wasted: here, the Frenchman at Rennes certainly had less technique, but for Leao he can very well represent the example of what can be lost if you do not put in the hundred percent field. If at twenty you play in AC Milan you have to eat the grass, don't leave the field with the dry and ironed shirt.

"If Bennacer and Krunic who played in Empoli are the best on the pitch, you're in bad shape," they tell us from outside. Nothing could be more wrong. The two must not be branded as a disgrace if they come from a minor club. Otherwise we should remember that Barella and Sensi played respectively in Cagliari and Sassuolo, not exactly Real Madrid and Barcelona. Bennacer grows game after game: recovered and clean balls, restart, race and dynamism, qualities that were missing and that Biglia could not guarantee. The Algerian, whom we remember was not yet 22 years old, has a great desire to improve and impose himself. As well as Krunic, inexplicably almost never used before Sunday: finally there is an alternative to Kessie or, perhaps, also someone who can steal the place of the owner. The exclusion of the Ivorian by technical choice is another stain on his record, anything but immaculate. The former Atalanta was unpunished to leave already in the summer: an interesting offer in January (probably from the Premier League) would certainly be appreciated and taken into consideration by Maldini and Boban. Before being a Milan player you have to be a Milan man, a prerogative that unfortunately has failed in recent years.

It would serve to reinforce the defense with a power plant that could support Romagnoli: in the last few days the names of Rugani and Demiral have returned to top. The first showed clear limits also in terms of personality, while the second when he was employed did not convince, although the reports on him are important. Even with the previous ones, it is better to avoid buying other players from Juventus: see Bonucci, Higuain and today, unfortunately, also Caldara. The mission must be precisely the recovery of the former Atalanta, hoping that the physical problems are definitively overcome and that it can finally become a resource for Milan. Had it remained, today Zapata would be the owner. We give Duarte time to grow, but with those 10 million in the summer someone could be taken ready for use: Rome, for example, has done an intelligent operation with Smalling.



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