Lazio, Super property in the National team: top 10 goal of the blue bomber


ROME – Decisive with the Lazio, decisive also in National. Ciro Immobile is going through a golden moment: 19 goals so far between those made with the biancoceleste jersey and those with Italy. And Ciro the great does not want to stop: the double against Armenia launches him even more in the Olympus of blue bomber. It's not over: before the European there will be two luxury friendlies. Other opportunities to score.

Lazio, Property at the top even in the National team

Ten goals in the blue shirt, Ciro Immobile the national team has also taken over. He had also ended up in the vortex of criticism after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Just two years ago he played in the 2 games of the play-off against Sweden, the ones that sanctioned the definitive elimination from the World Cup 60 years after the previous one. The accusation: Immobile strong with Lazio, poor with the Azzurri. The reality then was another: Ciro among the faces of the new Italy Mancini license plate has helped to get the qualification to Euro 2020 well in advance. And he scored on 3 occasions: against Finland on 8 September and twice against Armenia.

Immobile, ranking climbed

Immobile signed its first goal against Italy against the Netherlands on 4 September 2014. It was the group of Antonio Conte coach. From then on he marked 9 other goals, a booty that allowed him to overtake Francesco Totti and hook Cassano, Zola and Carapellese. The target? Overcoming Levratto, Cevenini and Di Natale at 11, Magnozzi, Orsi, Pirlo and Casiraghi at 13. Possible records already in March in a friendly. And then? The real purpose is to fly into the top 10 of the greatest scorers of blue history. Graziani and Vieri at 23, Altobelli, Inzaghi and Baloncieri at 25, Baggio and Del Piero at 27. The podium of the super goleador it is controlled by Riva (35), Meazza (33) and Piola (30). An impossible mission? No. Building at 29 can still give much to Italy. And also Lazio hopes that Ciro will be able to score more and more to continue flying.

"Magnificent". Mancini: "We were great"

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