Lazio, Inzaghi: "The episode of the penalty weighs. It is the Europa League of regrets"


ROME"The penalty episode weighs, because I have to make mea culpa on behalf of the team for the wrong goals. We went home without points and we probably go out of the competition" are the words of Simone Inzaghi after the home defeat with Celtic in the fourth round of the group stage of Europa League. The technician of the Lazio he has declared: "It is the Europa League of regrets because we have wasted a lot. We had to be worse in some moments of the race. Caicedo and Leiva gritted their teeth due to the disqualification of cataldi and did not feel well and I had to force some".

Lazio, Inzaghi's words after Celtic

Inzaghi then added: "There is regret because we did the right game because it was a difficult group, but within our reach. I think there is great regret and we had to do more having seen the 23 goal situations. I told my parents that after the advantage I did not we had to give up to make the second goal ".

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