Lazio, Immobile: "I'm not complaining about referees in Italy, they are the best"



Duopoly for the Scudetto: is the title just a Juve vs Inter match?

The Young Italy
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Lazio, Immobile: "I'm not complaining about referees in Italy, they are the best"

Ciro Immobile, striker of the Lazio, spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports at the end of the match lost against the Celtic (2-1 the final result): "In reality we have had so many untapped opportunities, in the end you pay for it. Even after the draw we have wasted some opportunities. We have shown that we know how to play well, mathematics does not condemn us, but it will be difficult" .

Now it becomes difficult.
"We will try until the end, but it will be difficult".

It is not the first time that you have been replaced.
"We need to improve in this respect, it is obvious that if opportunities are exploited, we lose the games. Then in the end there was the episode that made us lose, but we lost it much earlier."

What will you say team man?
"This is a game to be reviewed, to realize what we are capable of doing and not to do. A team that goes to Glasgow and does not win must ask itself a few questions. It can be penalizing mentally, but on Sunday there is Lecce and we can't lose points. We have to go on tonight, that's what I feel like saying. "

Was it rigor?
"This is why I never complain about referees in Italy, they are the best. I have seen the touch despite being engaged in the action, but back you can't go back. For me it is rigor also live, but also the images they take away the 1% of doubt I had ". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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First floor

... with Rinaudo "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 "The chaos withdraws in Naples? A situation that creates confusion and little serenity in an environment where there are so many pressures ". Thus to TuttoMercatoWeb the former Napoli defender, today technical director of the youth sector Palermo, Leandro Rinaudo.

A situation has happened in the past …

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