Lazio-Celtic, the Scots celebrate with a fan upside down


Goliardia, timing, carelessness for the politically correct: more the indispensable push of the social networks. All these elements led to the success of a snapshot taken by Celtic fans immediately after the final whistle of their team's victorious match at the Olimpico against Lazio (Ntcham's goal in the 95th minute for the 2-1 final). The photo depicts a group of Scottish supporters holding up one of their mates: a clear reference to the exposition of the corpse of Benito Mussolini in piazzale Loreto in April 1945 and above all a political response to the Roman greetings flaunted by the ultra of Lazio in the first leg in Glasgow.

The Glasgow background

The background is right in the first leg (also in that case the Celtic had won 2-1): a large group of Lazio supporters – of declared sympathies for the ultra-right – had marched through the streets around the stadium with the arm tense. On the terraces the first reply had arrived from the adversaries: knowing the fascist sympathies of the Lazio typhus fringes, those of the Celtic had exhibited banners with the outline of the Duce upside down (besides injurious writings towards Alessandra Mussolini).

Like piazzale Loreto

In short, the football competition also moved into the political field. And continued yesterday evening, Thursday, on the stands of the Olimpico, in Rome. To the victorious goal of Ntcham (black player, also with Genoa), a dozen Scottish fans with quick reflexes out of the ordinary (or perhaps the pose had been studied previously) grabbed one of their mates for the feet and 'they photographed upside down. Posting immediately after the photo on social media.

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