Lazio-Celtic, the report cards of CM: only Real Estate is saved. Milinkovic and Jony disastrous | Europa League


Lazio-Celtic 1-2Strakosha 5.5: Spectator until Forrest's goal, on which he can do nothing. For the rest duet with his companions, often closely pressed. He dribbles well enough, for the rest little to do. He should ask Forster how to make decisive parades.

Luiz Felipe 5.5: Very careful, he never lets himself jump and if he fails – it happens – he remedies almost immediately. Nice closure in the second half, too few inaccuracies.

Vavro 5.5: As for Jony great chance to redeem himself after a season start not up to par. He must fight with Edouard, he shows a certain pragmatism: when he has to throw it very high and very strong he is at ease. It cannot be said that demerits: but is this the third defender for the value of the history of Lazio? He comes out exhausted, feeling pain.
(From 36 'st Berisha 4.5: One wonders why he almost never has a chance: that's why. Give Celtic the winning goal.)

Acerbi 5: Repurposed in the center-left, it is a role in which it finds itself well – there is one behind it in which it would not play? It is surprising on Celtic's goal, law knits the trajectory, a mistake he commits once a season. Indeed two: in the second half Celtic does not restart. A rare match for him: he does not often make a bad one. This was it.

Lazzari 6.5: After the assist of San Siro Inzaghi once again the owner, and the reward is immediately another assist for Immobile. Slippery, he makes a great first half and gets lost in the boredom of the recovery. They never look for it, anyway.

Word 5: Try to set it to the rhythm, it runs a lot but Jony doesn't help him much. And yet he takes his own, helps a little forward and finds it hard to keep the rhythms of the Scots. Matt, maybe he had to go out.

Leiva 5.5: Try to tidy up, hammer when you have to, get a little dazed about the goal – the action starts with his mistake. Seems to go too slow, he makes a couple of mistakes really not from him.
(From 13 'st Luis Alberto 5.5: Log in to shake up his team, he tries and takes a pole on a corner kick).

Milinkovic 5: On his shoulders without Luis Alberto there is all the technical caliber of the team. But he doesn't seem to worry about it: he misses a couple of checks not by him on key occasions, he makes Lazio take goals. He finds Forster on his way a couple of times, but that's not enough. Let's face it: this Milinkovic is not enough.

Jony 4.5: Its the first ring of the match from outside the area, it is a golden opportunity for the delicate Spanish southpaw. Unfortunately he seems to be the victim of a novel by Kafka: he woke up in midfield and never did. And it shows.
(From 13 'st Lulic 5.5: He has to put some experience into a complicated race, he puts a patch and crosses and miles around.

Caicedo 4.5: Shoots, fights, takes a thriller, it's not a simple game for him, often isolated between two giants. He loses too many duels, does not hold one, and is not from him.

Property 6.5: Always marks him, only him: he starts and closes the action of his first textbook goal. Inzaghi cannot renounce it: no one is like him in front of goal. The only one who tries until the end.

All. Inzaghi 5: He leaves Luis Alberto back on the bench, but does not give up Immobile and is doing well. His Lazio took the lead, turned off the game (with a few flames) and then scored. A defect that seems congenital, and that is likely to cost dearly. A tombstone, or almost, on the European path.


Forster 6.5: Exit so-so in the first half, then goes back with a nice intervention on Milinkovic (to then switch to another consequent high exit). As always in the end it is exalted, but now it is a constant.

Elhamed 6: On his side Jony goes very alternately, he presses when he can but must also beware of Immobile's incursions. Keep the field very well.
(from 38 'st Bitton s.v.)

Jullien 6: On Immobile's goal he has great responsibilities, he cannot follow his movements that start from behind. Often very concrete, he risks a lot with a touch of suspicious hand. For the rest it towers over all the high balls.

Ajer 6.5: Ready-to-go, the central package is surprising. He closes well on Immobile in the first half – after having missed out on the first goal – then ordinary administration, he risks little.

Hayes 6: Very uncomfortable Lazzari as a customer, he is often put in difficulty by his speed. In the long run it takes the measures, when Lazio leaves the scene.

Brown 6.5: In front of the defense he is often crushed on the power plants when Lazio attacks, to try to support them. He gets a yellow that tastes of orange, is the soul of the Celtic worker, and probably also the liver and lungs.

McGregor 6.5: His work of running and game destruction is meticulous, on his side Milinkovic is opaque. A good test, as in the first leg.

Forrest 7: Try to put in a bit of quality, surely it puts the equalizer inside. One of the most positive in the median, his goal could be worth the turn of the round.
(from 44 'st Bauer s.v.)

Christie 5.5: On the way she suddenly lit up, on the way back she gets so many kicks, when part of the ball and chain is dangerous, but sometimes it seems to sink and lose a little.
(From 31 'st Ntcham 6.5: Come in, he has only one ball, he accompanies gently with a delicate touch under Celtic practically in the next round).

Elyounoussi 6.5: It shows little, a little impalpable, often leaves Edouard alone, in the midst of too many opponents. He redeems himself with a very heavy assist. In the second half much better, it takes liveliness.

Edouard 6.5: He always tries, keeps as many balls as he can, is constant, fights. A lot of effort and quality, it helps a lot the companions. A good test.

Annex Lennon 7: The same script of the first leg, his boys, driven by the public of the big occasions, do everything to throw it on the competition and the race, with the right head. The only chance of the first half is great again. If the Celtic, with low quality, is practically passed as first in the group it owes it to his coach, pragmatic and always lucid.

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